1: You have laborers clearing the driveway

1: You have laborers clearing the driveway Do you pay them in money to maintain a strategic distance from VAT?
2: You purchase a £15 round of drinks with a £20 note The barman gives you a £10 note in change Do you take it what’s more, walk away?
3: The stationery cabinet at work is cleared out unlocked Do you offer assistance yourself to free stamps, PC circles what’s more, envelopes?
4: Your Television permit has expired Do you trust you won’t get caught?
5: Your companion loans you a card giving shoddy section to a gym You can pass yourself off as her Do you utilize the card?
6: At the point when you offer your auto privately, do you fall flat to say that it overheats after three miles?
7: Robbers break into you occasion estate what’s more, take your camera Do you moreover guarantee on protection for ‘stolen’ cash, gems what’s more, a Rolex watch?
8: You are sharp for arranging authorization to manufacture a house extension Do you inquire a hitting the fairway companion in the arranging division to ‘bend the rules’?
9: You purchase an equip on December 29 from a shop with a 14-day discount policy, wear it to a New Year’s Eve party, at that point return it on January 3 what’s more, request a refund?
10: You are paid in cash Would you moreover assert joblessness benefit?

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