One last mission: World War Two veteran dies just after being reunited with the P-38 Mustang he flew over the Pacific

A 101-year-old veteran has kicked the bucket a month after he was brought together by chance with the plane he flew amid World War II.

Francis Robert “Straight to the point” Imperial had been dropping by Westpac Rebuilding efforts routinely, as the group there reconstructed all aspects of the P-38 Lockheed Lightning he flew in battle over Papua New Guinea.

His family say he seemed to attempt to keep his quality insofar as he could see the plane come back to flying condition.

Look down for video

Video affability of FOX 31:

That happened a month ago, when he went to the National Historical center of World War II Flying in Colorado Springs.

Illustrious was taken up in a little Cessna plane with the goal that he could see another pilot take his plane for a turn without precedent for years.

‘They won’t let me fly this one, for reasons unknown,’ Illustrious clowned to Fox 31/CW2, once back on the ground.

Video of the flight demonstrates Illustrious radiating in ponder as he sees his plane in real life at the end of the day.

‘It was a significant excite,’ he said.

On the ground, Regal uncovered that the flight would be his last, since he was kicking the bucket and being exchanged to Hospice mind.

‘I’m going on my last flight. Starting a week ago I’ve been placed in hospice,’ he said.

He passed away on Saturday, about a month later, holding his child Randy’s hand.

‘He’s back there with all his old pilot amigos swapping stories and discussing lost circumstances,’ Randy said.

Illustrious settled in Colorado Springs in the wake of serving 30 years in the military. He and his better half Noreen, who went before him in death, brought up five youngsters together.

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