A 12-year-old girl had a lucky escape when she woke to find a drunken man climbing into her bed.

A 12-year-old young lady had a fortunate escape at the point when she woke to find a smashed man climbing into her bed.
Alexis Reimers ran crying into to the room where her mother was snoozing with her husband, after waking early on Friday morning up to find 29-year-old Kevin Niel Hawkins alongside her.
He had broken into the family’s home in Milton, Florida at around 1.30am some time recently taking off his pants what’s more, getting into the youthful girl’s bed.
Shock: 12-year-old Alexis (pictured) was snoozing in her bed at the point when Hawkins climbed semi-naked in next to her
‘I heard the bed shaking what’s more, he was getting into the bed, what’s more, I woke up what’s more, looked at him what’s more, thought he was my more established brother, be that as it may at that point it wasn’t,’ Alexis told Q13 Fox.

Her startled mother, Emily Kiely, thought at to begin with that she was having a terrible dream. 
‘Normally we say, “It’s OK, just go back to bed,” ‘ she said. ‘But she was sobbing, so I knew something was wrong.’
Kiely’s spouse snatched his weapon what’s more, called the police who captured the trespasser, telling the family it was not the to begin with time he had a track record for comparative crimes.

Violated: Alexis ran into the room where her mother, Emily Kiely (pictured), was sleeping
‘This is second time we’ve had contact with him,’ Milton Police Boss Charge Rhoads said. ‘The to begin with time he went into a living arrangement decently inebriated what’s more, begun eating the people’s pizza.’
Speaking after the ordeal, Emily told the news channel she felt ‘violated’ by what had happened.
‘It’s lovely scary. It could happen anywhere. It happened right here in Milton,’ she said. 
Hawkins faces charges of endeavored youngster assault what’s more, robbery as is being held at the Penetrate Province Jail.

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