Man, 23, arrested for vandalism at Lebanese restaurant where racial slurs were scrawled on the smashed windows the day before

A 23-year-old man has been charged with vandalising a Lebanese eatery just a day after a supremacist assault was conveyed out at the same location.
Owner Mohamad Zouhour what’s more, his companions were inside Arabella Eatery on Lord Road in Newtown, in Sydney’s inner-west, about 1am on Wednesday at the point when they heard a crushing sound out the back.
When Mr Zouhour went to explore the noise, he found a broken clay bowl what’s more, saw a man strolling away onto Alice Street.

He what’s more, his companions stood up to the man, from Kogarah in Sydney’s south, on Ruler Road where they held him what’s more, called NSW Police.
Officers from Newtown Nearby Zone Charge arrived what’s more, captured the 23-year-old man.
Upon seeking the man, police moreover found an sum of methamphetamines, moreover known as the tranquilize ‘ice’, on him.
He was taken to Newtown Police Station where he was charged with malignant damage, having a denied drug, what’s more, two conviction warrants.
The man was declined safeguard what’s more, he will show up at Newtown Nearby Court afterward on Wednesday.
Police are too exploring in the event that this most recent episode is related to another that was conveyed out at the same eatery on Tuesday morning.
This incident, which saw vandals crush windows what’s more, scratch racial slurs into the glass, made national features after Mr Zouhour posted photos of the harm on his Facebook page.
He told Every day Mail Australia on Tuesday he was crushed after seeing the words ‘F**k Arabs’ scratched into the glass of his premises.

‘It’s happened before, they’ve called the shop what’s more, said the f-word what’s more, “eff” the Lebanese,’ Mr Zouhour said.
‘It’s been happening for a year. I think it’s got to do with what is happening around the world with ISIS what’s more, the refugees.’
Visiting Australia while as it were a maybe a couple months old, Mr Zouhour authoritatively moved to the nation with his family in 1975.
Since the episode he has found himself cleaning the shop, what’s more, attempting to measure the entryways to arrange new glass which will cost him over $15,000.
‘I’m feeling truly down, I’m scared, my family is scared,’ Mr Zouhour said.
Having worked as a culinary specialist in Lebanon for 12 years, Mr Zouhour takes incredible pride in his eatery – asserting since it opened 14 a long time back there was no other Lebanese food as snazzy what’s more, present day as it. 
So he could not work out why he had been targeted.
‘I have paunch dancing, music, a bar what’s more, alcohol, I’m not a rehearsing Muslim,’ Mr Zouhour said.
‘I’m not the pioneer for Arabs, I’m not the pioneer for Muslims, I’m just a human being.
‘I’m an Aussie guy, I’m part of the Australian culture, I have no issue or, then again issues with anyone.’
Mr Zouhour said on Tuesday he was stressed the police would not give the matter much thought.
‘I need the police to take things more serious. They will look at it for three days what’s more, at that point disregard about it,’ he said.
‘It upsets me, at the point when any Muslim does something it’s on the news, yet this, there’s been nothing on the TV.’ 

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