Man, 23, killed by wayward tire that flew off a trailer and smashed through his windshield

A 23-year-old man has been slaughtered by a wayward tire that flew off the back of a trailer.
Nicholas G. Melvin from Independence, Missouri, was driving along Interstate 70 on Monday at the point when the wheel flew through the windshield what’s more, struck him in the head.
Witnesses said they at that point saw the auto veer off to the right what’s more, hit a tree head-on.
A 20-year-old lady sitting in the traveler situate was moreover taken to healing facility injured.
Investigators decided that his auto had been hit by a tire what’s more, wheel that came off a westward vehicle, potentially a trailer, what’s more, flew over the concrete middle barrier, the Kansas City Star reported.
The separate is put in put to stop vehicles from crossing into approaching traffic.
The free tire too hit a second car, be that as it may those inside were not injured.
Police are still looking for data on the other vehicle, yet they accept it came from a trailer. 
The Star said the episode happened 14 a long time after another driver was murdered in exceptionally comparative circumstances, at the point when a piece of flotsam and jetsam hit them. 
Patricia Walker, 25, was murdered at the point when a 37-pound metal plate fell off a truck bed what’s more, flew through her windshield.

It hit her in the confront some time recently clearing out through the back window. 
The driver, William Copeland of Kansas City, Kansas, was given 120 hours of group benefit after arguing liable to coming up short to secure his stack – a misdemeanor. 

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