Pictured: Out-of-work mother, 38, accused of sexually assaulting seven boys aged under 16 in series of attacks

A 38-year-old mother today denied sexual attacking a string of underage young men.

Amanda Tompkins, of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, will stand trial blamed for 13 checks of sexual and physical manhandle on seven casualties matured under 16 years.

She was wearing a dark coat, dark pants and white best when she showed up under the watchful eye of Judge Francis Sheridan at Aylesbury Crown Court yesterday.

Tompkins talked just to deny the charges as they were perused to her.

The mother, who was blamed for having intercourse with two gatherings of young men, was discharged on contingent safeguard and requested to come back to the court for her ten-day trial on February 20 one year from now.

The mother, who told the court she doesn’t work, will remain under the watchful eye of a judge and jury accused of one number of endeavored rape, one of rape by touching and five of sexual action with a kid which purportedly included rehashed oral and vaginal sex with four young men between February 1 and February 29.

She was likewise blamed for two numbers of sexual action with a tyke, rape by touching, endeavoring to take part in sexual action with a tyke by touching, all said to have occurred on May 7 and including three different young men.

Tompkins was likewise accused of endeavoring to sexually strike and one of regular attack, against one other kid approximately May 7.

She was discharged on safeguard subject to bans on reaching witnesses for the situation and meeting any youngsters matured under 18 without parental or watchmen’s assent.

A pre-trial audit hearing at the court will be hung on January 23.

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