Indiana teen takes great-grandmother, 93, to junior prom and even brings her a corsage… but cut the night short at 9.30pm because of her bedtime

A 93-year-old lady got the possibility to go to her to start with prom since 1940 after her great-grandson inquired in the event that she would be his date to the junior prom last weekend.
Katie Keith said she had just been joking around at the point when her great-grandson Drew Holm to begin with told her he wasn’t going to the prom since he didn’t have a date.
‘I said, ‘Well, I’ve got a dress, I’ll go with you”, Katie told Wave 3 News. ‘I was just kidding you know.’ 
But Drew cherished the thought and, afterward that day, formally inquired his great-grandmother in the event that she would go to the prom with him. 
‘I said ‘Drew, my goodness, I don’t need to go to the prom with you. Unquestionably you can find a genuine charming young lady to go with you,” Katie said was her response. 
But Drew was unswayed, telling his great-grandmother, ‘No, I can’t do that. You’re the prettiest woman.’ 
And after Drew got uncommon authorization from the principal to sidestep the school’s 21-year-old age limit, what’s more, indeed had a uncommon welcome conveyed to Katie’s house, she chosen to put on her moving shoes again. 
‘I thought, on the off chance that that kid needs me to go to the prom that bad, I’ll go, the hell with it,’ she told Wave 3 News. 
Katie said prom has changed since back in her day, at the point when young ladies wore their ‘going-to-church dresses’ what’s more, moved the waltz. 
But indeed in spite of the fact that the moves have changed, Katie was cheerful to get back on the move floor at Crothersville Junior-Senior High School with her great-grandson, who purchased her a corsage. 
‘Everybody got up, you know, what’s more, they were doing this rearrange thing, what’s more, Drew said to me, ‘Let’s dance, grandma. Will you dance?”
‘I said ‘Sure’. So him what’s more, I got out there what’s more, rearranged right along with them,’ she said. 
Drew took his great-grandmother home at 9.30pm, just in time of her bedtime. 
He at that point joined his girlfriend, who he started dating after he inquired Katie to the prom, at a knocking down some pins rear way after-party. 
Drew said he will likely take his great-grandmother to the senior prom, yet Katie said her enormous night out last Friday was all she needed. 
‘Enough for me,’ she said. ‘One’s enough.’   

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