A Colorado mother is accused of locking her 14-year-old developmentally disabled son inside a squalid trailer, feeding him just four meals a week, then abandoning him to take a trip with her boyfriend, prosecutors said on Thursday.

A Colorado mother is denounced of locking her 14-year-old formatively crippled child inside a filthy trailer, nourishing him just four dinners a week, at that point relinquishing him to take a trip with her boyfriend, prosecutors said on Thursday.
Amanda Jolliff, 36, is charged with false imprisonment, youngster abuse, what’s more, at-risk disregard of her son, found to be living in a rodent-infested versatile home in Erie, Colorado, northwest of Denver, concurring to a explanation from the Weld Province Region Attorney’s Office.
Her live-in boyfriend, Richard Smith, 31, moreover was charged, it said.
Abuse: Amanda Jolliff, 36, is blamed of manhandling what’s more, afterward relinquishing her formatively crippled son, 14, who was found by neighbors stowing away under a porch
They were imprisoned on $20,000 bond each.
According to an capture warrant affidavit, police were called to the versatile home stop last month after a neighbor found the boy, who was not identified, stowing away underneath his patio with his mother no place to be seen.
Jolliff cleared out her child alone for two weeks at the point when she what’s more, beau Richard Smith took a transport to New York
The neighbor said Jolliff what’s more, Smith had taken a transport to New York two weeks earlier, what’s more, others who lived at the home had moved away, clearing out the kid to fight for himself.
When police sought the home, they found mice running all through the living arrangement what’s more, ‘detected an overwhelming scent of creature pee what’s more, feces,’ concurring to the affidavit.
Inside the home were two dogs, a macaw, two cockatiels, a cockatoo, two ducks what’s more, four toads, police said.
The kid told police his mother would bolt him inside his room, letting him out just to clean up after the ducks.

He said that since 2008 he was nourished spaghetti or, on the other hand macaroni just four times a week.
Police said the boy’s room window was boarded up, what’s more, there was an outside bolt on his room door.

Joliff told agents she introduced the bolt since he had run away once.
The family’s soiled versatile home had mice what’s more, creature feces. The boy’s room had a boarded up window what’s more, had a bolt on the entryway from the outside
Inside the pantry, police said they found sacks of spaghetti noodles that had been bitten open by mice what’s more, defiled with droppings.
The kid said he was gathered to be home-schooled yet that he had not gotten any training since his mother expelled him from open school three a long time ago.
When Jolliff was found by police what’s more, questioned, she conceded to locking up the kid since he would run away what’s more, ‘used to bother me truly bad,’ the sworn statement said.
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