Radical Islamic speaker who defended child marriage and said anyone who ‘fights against Muslims should be killed’ to speak at Australian conference

A English Islamic evangelist who has beforehand approved youngster pedophilia what’s more, assault in a open face off regarding is one of 12 speakers coming to Australia to talk at a Muslim conference. 
Hamza Tzortzis, who shielded youngster marriage in a banter about in Australia back in 2013, is one of 12 speakers from four landmasses who will address the Joined together Muslims of Australia Journey for Victory meeting in Sydney in May.
Tzortzis has been reprimanded in the past for expressing that faithless people (non believers) who battle against the Muslim ‘community…should be killed’. 
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He afterward abnegated his articulation about decapitating on his website saying he was under weight while doing an on the web blog video. 
The English teacher what’s more, open speaker too allegedly said: ‘We as Muslims dismiss the thought of opportunity of speech, what’s more, indeed the thought of freedom.’
He will be joined at the occasion at Sydney’s Olympic Stop by Canadian evangelist Sheik Alaa Elsayed who is known to have approved bigamy.
‘If you have one wife, she battles with you! On the off chance that you have two wives, they will battle for you,’ Elsayed allegedly said.
British teacher Sheik Zahir Mahmood is too on the list of speakers. He guaranteed back in 2009 that individuals of fear monger gathering Hammas were ‘freedom fights’ what’s more, they were just ‘defending their country’.   
Australian speakers at the occasion include Zachariah ­Matthews what’s more, Sheik Abu Hamza.
Matthews has beforehand called for parts of sharia law to be presented in Australia, while Hamza has said it is affirm to hit your spouse as long as it isn’t as well hard.
The occasion has been sorted out the Joined together Muslims of Australia – an Islamic youth what’s more, group based association – what’s more, is openly being promoted on Facebook.
An ad for the occasion says it will highlight ‘inspirational worldwide what’s more, nearby visitor speakers’ who will share their ‘vast extend of insights, encounters what’s more, advice’.
Give the line-up of speakers, Government MP Craig Laundy, whose electorate is where the occasion will be held, told the Every day Telegraph: ‘Hate discourse has no put in our society what’s more, I totally censure in the most grounded terms the sees of anybody lecturing abhor what’s more, intolerance.’

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