Paralympic athlete receives online abuse aimed at I’m A Celebrity contestant Gemma Collins because their names are so similar

A Group GB Paralympic competitor has been shelled with hundreds of injurious tweets pointed at I’m A Vip challenger Gemma Collins since their names are so similar.
Wheelchair fencer Gemma Collis, 20, has been constrained to guard herself against twitter trolls who named her a ‘whale’ what’s more, a ‘fat slut’ who ought to lose a few pounds in the jungle.
She was frightened to find her timeline stopped up up with manhandle after The As it were Way Is Essex star broke down in tears twice on her to begin with day what’s more, had a freeze assault some time recently the helicopter was off the ground.
The Durham College understudy said: ‘Oh god, it’s begun already… My name is Gemma COLLIS, I’m an competitor what’s more, not @missgemcollins from #TOWIE! So If you don’t mind stop tweeting me abuse!’
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She afterward tweeted: ‘Oh my word…don’t!! Over 100 harsh tweets already!’
Minutes into the to begin with episode, Darren Consumes tweeted: ‘Intro begun what’s more, I as of now abhor @GemmaCollis #hippointhejungle #ImACelebrity.’
This was quickly taken after by other Twitter clients calling her a ‘fat b****’ what’s more, saying ‘you require a consume less calories cuz.’
Max Poynter said: ‘I trust Gemma Collis gets all the trials, I abhor her.’
A young lady under the name of @coppxn said: ‘Hopefully @GemmaCollis loses a few pounds in the jungle.’
The reality Television star lived up to her show ruler status as she started bellowing while the helicopter arranged to take flight.
She was chosen as one of the famous people to spend the to begin with maybe a couple days in the wilderness imprison what’s more, debilitated to ‘commit suicide’ on the off chance that Television appear supervisors did not give them sustenance or, on the other hand treats.
But hundreds of Twitter clients appear to be having trouble telling the TOWIE star separated from Miss Collis. 
The athlete competed at the London 2012 Paralympics just ten months after taking up wheelchair fencing for the to begin with time.
She created a dynamic anxious framework malady called Reflex Thoughtful Dystrophy in 2008 which affects the working of the nerves in her right leg.
This causes changed sensation what’s more, outrageous torment what’s more, implies she has been on bolsters or, then again utilized a wheelchair ever since. 

She has pulled in sensitivity from a number of Twitter clients who told ITV watchers to ‘spare a thought’ for the Paralympic athlete.
This is not the to start with time social media clients have coordinated on the web manhandle at the off-base person.
Ian ‘H’ Watkins, part of pop band Steps, was constrained to clear out Twitter after confronting a blast of misled mishandle pointed at previous Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins.
An scholastic called John Lewis from Blacksburg, Virginia, gotten hundreds of messages on Twitter after the Christmas advert premiered.  

Store supervisors guaranteed to send a blessing to thank the teacher for diverting individuals to the revise Twitter page, which is @johnlewisretail.

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