‘Vote yes or else!’: Police out in force at the polls as Salmond’s bullies are accused of intimidating voters – and even punching a blind man in the face just for saying ‘No’

A Indeed supporter was captured by police outside a surveying station today after professedly striking a unionist attempting to vote No, as patriots mounted a last-minute tormenting battle to scare individuals into voting for independence. 

The man was captured in Clydebank after standing up to a Work councilor at around 9.30am.
It comes after a dazzle retired person was punched in the confront for supporting a No vote what’s more, spray painting debilitating ‘Vote indeed or, on the other hand else’ was wiped on the dividers of a station close Glasgow. 

Labour MSP Jackie Baille, who Tweeted a picture of the graffiti, said it was ‘absolutely sickening terrorizing by Yes.’ 
A representative for the Scottish Work party too affirmed the strike in Clydebank, saying: ‘A councilor was ambushed by a Truly extremist at the surveying station what’s more, the individual was captured by police.’
A Police Scotland representative confirmed: ‘A 44-year-old man has been captured in association with an asserted strike at the surveying station in Clydebank’
He is due to show up at Dumbarton Sheriff Court tomorrow. 

It comes after a survey found that 46 per penny of No voters had felt actually debilitated by Indeed supporters amid the campaign, raising concerns about the plausibility of crowd viciousness in the occasion of a No vote.
A 75-year-old man, who is enrolled blind, was recently punched in the confront by a patriot supporter as he given out pamphlets in bolster of the Union in Glasgow.
He said: ‘Two youthful men matured in their 20s came up to me. I was talking to one of them normally, be that as it may at that point completely out of the blue the other just swung a punch at my head. I was a bit stunned what’s more, fell somewhat backwards. I convey a white stick since I am half daze – they would have seen that.’
Police in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, said a man in his 70s had a No notice taken from his portability bike what’s more, supplanted with Truly stickers as he was shopping.
Welsh Work MP Stephen Doughty, who was battling in the area, portrayed the episode as ‘shameful’.
He said: ‘When he complained, he was told by a Indeed campaigner, “we’re doing this for kids – you’ll be dead what’s more, gone”.’
It comes as organizations over Scotland uncovered they had been debilitated what’s more, threatened by patriots in the event that they bolstered a No vote.
Company executives have gotten dangers to their families, as well as notices their business will be boycotted on the off chance that they are against independence.
Last month, 133 business administrators put their marks on a pro-Union letter.
The Day by day Broadcast reached the organizations to inquire how coming out against the Truly battle had influenced them, what’s more, 51 per penny said they had felt threatened or, on the other hand pressurised by nationalists.
Jim McFarlane, who possesses cycling-cloth producer Endura, said: ‘After the media coverage, somebody who said they were from the Scottish government called me at 8.20 in the morning. I’m ex–directory.’
Alistair Macmillan, overseeing executive at White House Preparations Ltd, added: ‘My spouse was agitate by what individuals were saying on the internet. They were debilitating to blacklist the business, assault me, assault us.’ 

English voyagers are wiping out occasions to Scotland as they fear ‘ill feeling’ towards them after the referendum, in any case of the result.
Companies giving occasion settlement north of the Fringe say handfuls of holidaymakers have reached them saying that they do not need to visit a nation where the national feeling is one of division.
They say other English explorers have too crossed out arranged breaks since they do not need to bolster a Scotland that has broken up the Joined together Kingdom.
‘We have had various telephone calls from clients expressing that in the event that we do move toward becoming autonomous at that point they will no longer we willing to bolster Scotland what’s more, won’t be returning for a holiday,’ said Golden Swinton, property supervisor at Exceptional Cottages.
‘But of more concern is that individuals are crossing out occasions they had booked for next year, in any case of the result of the vote.’
She said her organization as a rule had a number of English rehash clients who booked their Scottish occasions after returning from their last one, who had not done so this year. She added: ‘We have a part of customers who occasion here each year, who have not come back yet. It is extremely worrying. 

A choice to permit bars to remain open all through Scotland has moreover been intensely reprimanded for possibly causing brutal conflicts between Indeed what’s more, No supporters.
Ten settings in the nation will be serving liquor all through the night what’s more, into Friday after applying for extraordinary late licences. 
One police source said: ‘It is total madness.
‘If there’s a no vote, there is a concern that it will get ugly.’ 
Labour pioneer Ed Miliband last night pulled out of showing up at two occasions over fears they would be upset by Scottish nationalists. 
It came a day after Mr Miliband was constrained to forsake a visit to an Edinburgh shopping focus after he was encompassed by Truly supporters, who bumped him what’s more, marked him a ‘****ing liar’. His minders had to step in to escort him to safety.
University of St Andrews understudies have sponsored their essential after finding Mr Salmond attempted to pressurise her into conditioning down her notices on the referendum.
Emails appear that he inquired Louise Richardson to change her explanation what’s more, instead reprimand the UK Government.
Prof Richardson declined to back down, what’s more, last night understudy Blair Robertson composed on Twitter: ‘I know Louise Richardson would not stand for this nonsense. Shameful, yet expected, from Yes.’ Ali West added: ‘Principal Louise Richardson just dropped a monstrous truth bomb on the Indeed battle by declining to surrender to pressure. This isn’t how political talk ought to run.’
Ukip pioneer Nigel Farage said last night: ‘Alex Salmond has fuelled such vitriol what’s more, contempt among Truly campaigners that we are presently seeing intimidation, a developing anti-English assumption what’s more, the sort of despicable conduct that could lead to rioting.’
BBC political proofreader Scratch Robinson was last night booed what’s more, annoyed as he attempted to report on Mr Salmond’s last discourse in Perth. At the point when patriots spotted Robinson on a balcony, they begun yelling manhandle at him. After a couple of minutes of booing, Robinson cleared out the balcony.
And Sky News moderator Kay Burley apologized after calling a Truly campaigner ‘a bit of a k**b’ amid a live broadcast.
Burley, 53, was being over and again annoyed in Aberdeen. Ignorant her mouthpiece was on, she called a Truly campaigner ‘a bit of a k**b’. Burley said the campaigner attempted to hit one of her cameramen with a stick.
Pro–independence campaigners arranging to arrange walks to surveying stations were last night cautioned they hazard being imprisoned for up to a year on the off chance that they break choice laws.
Posters which promote ‘short walk to freedom’ marches, to be held today, encourage Patriots to ‘be Bravehearts’ close by cites from Nelson Mandela what’s more, Abraham Lincoln.
The tagline echoes Mandela’s ‘long walk to freedom’ after spending a long time in jail some time recently South Africa’s to begin with law based elections.
The publications showed up to have been created by a nearby branch of the official Indeed Scotland battle in south Edinburgh, be that as it may a representative from the across the country HQ has demanded he was not mindful of the events.
The appearance of expansive numbers of activists with pennants what’s more, bulletins could be seen as terrorizing of voters, which could lead to detainment of up to 12 months.
Last night, Scottish Traditionalist MSP Alex Johnstone said: ‘No one will be amazed on the off chance that Indeed campaigners set out on a few intimidation, something they’ve done all through this period.
‘But they ought to be mindful of the dangers that conduct carries. It may fall foul of the law, what’s more, in a worst-case situation may result in jail.’
The Scottish Autonomy Submission Act 2013 stipulates that it is an offense to ‘impede or, on the other hand anticipate the free work out of the establishment of a voter or, then again intermediary for a voter in the referendum’.
This could incorporate shows what’s more, walks which a few voters may feel sum to ‘undue influence’ on them.
The blurb from Edinburgh’s Indeed Craigmillar/Niddrie gathering subtle elements plans to organize walks to the nearby surveying station today at 11am, 3pm what’s more, 7pm.
It reads: ‘The Pied Flautist of Niddrie welcomes all Truly voters to take part in the walk to the short walk to freedom.’
Alex Salmond has confronted feedback for saying lines at voter enlistment workplaces reminded him of South Africa’s to begin with free races after the fall of apartheid.
Another nearby Truly Scotland organiser has uncovered a pro–independence surveying day walk is being sorted out in Glasgow. David Linden, a 24–year–old Truly Scotland campaigner from Shettleston, in the city’s East End, said group pioneers were ‘planning a walk on surveying day’.
He added: ‘Now, the climate that’s going to be there that day ideally will be so infectious that individuals keep in mind that as being part of a law based movement.’
It is caught on staff at surveying stations over Scotland have been issued with rules laying out what kind of battling conduct is permitted on, what’s more, close to, the premises.
A Better Together representative said: ‘People ought to be cleared out to go to the surveying stations in peace, without patriots turning up in expansive gatherings attempting to impact their vote.’
Yes Scotland said the walks had not been midway organised.
A representative for the pro- autonomy battle added: ‘The nearby gatherings are free to arrange their possess events, so long as they remain conscious of others. We’re satisfied that numerous of them have been inventive in making surveying day a national celebration.’
But Scottish Liberal Democrat pioneer Willie Rennie called on the Indeed battle to cinch down on its ‘menacing what’s more, oppressive tactics’ after an SNP councilor acknowledged a £40 settled punishment fine for yelling what’s more, swearing at Better Together campaigners in Kinross, Perthshire.
Mr Rennie said: ‘Alex Salmond keeps telling us this is a incredible equitable face off regarding yet as well numerous individuals are bringing about the anger of irate patriots essentially since they don’t bolster their freedom plans.’
Barred by the goons in dark suits with skinhead haircuts: QUENTIN LETTS gets on the off-base side of the SNP’s security young men

Black suits, dark shirts, overwhelmingly skinhead: the goons at an Alex Salmond production line visit in east Ayrshire recently were an unattractive gang.
One of them indeed had dark shoes with a diamante design of the letter A – apparently in tribute to his leader, who turned up an hour afterward what’s more, seemed, at one point, to be close tears as he embraced a female supporter. Another of them had such a impossible to miss haircut, he may have had a battle with a lawnmower.
Why the thuggish security presence? There was absolutely one No-vote heckler, Miss Kerry Hamilton, 33, unemployed.
Kerry was holding a small, plastic Union Jack what’s more, attempted to walk into the neighboring railroad station auto stop to anticipate the To begin with Minister. The security young men told her to get lost.
Then they spotted John Pienaar, a veteran political columnist wi

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