Con-ception: Maine man features in a mug-shot within a mug-shot after being arrested in the souvnir T-shirt from his PREVIOUS arrest

A Maine man postured for a imprison booking photograph after his capture for DUI in June wearing a t-shirt including a extremely comparative scene.
Robert Burt, 19, was gotten driving while under the impact of liquor what’s more, without a permit back in June what’s more, requested to spend two days in jail in August.
He chosen to appear up for his sentence at the Somerset Region Imprison in an orange t-shirt including his booking shot from the unique capture with the caption: ‘Burt Family Gathering 8/8 – 8/10/2014.’
According to The Smoking Gun, the subtitle alludes to a relative of Burt’s who is too serving time at the prison.
Burt’s orange t-shirt was made for him by a few keen co-workers.
According to his Facebook page, he works at Vittles Eatery in Pittsfield.
Burt, who records his past scholarly contemplates as ‘alternitve (sic) education,’ says Somerset Region revisions officers were in on the joke.
He composed on Facebook that they made him hold the slate in such a way ‘so you could see the shirt.’
‘They chuckled there (sic) asses off haha,’ he wrote.
According to The Smoking Gun, underneath Burt’s mugshot was an picture of a feline on a love seat with a brew what’s more, a remote control.
He served his two days in jail prior in the month what’s more, is presently out getting a charge out of his freedom.
‘I’m out b*tchs (sic),’ he composed on Regal 10 some time recently posting his scandalous mugshot.
‘Its (sic) the sh*t,’ he wrote.

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