Man charged with killing his girlfriend’s one-year-old son while babysitting the boy

A Maryland man has been blamed of murdering his girlfriend’s one-year-old child prior this month.
Riverdale occupant Osmay Sesay, 28, was captured Wednesday, the Sovereign George’s Region Police Division (PGPD) said Thursday.
Sesay was charged with first-degree kill what’s more, youngster abuse, specialists said.
Police recognized the casualty as Ahmed Jalloh.
Authorities said they were called to a square in Riverdale Regal 1 around 10:30am with respect to an inert youngster report.
Police said the kid ‘was articulated dead at a hospital.’
The PGPD said in a news release: ‘The preparatory examination uncovers the victim’s mother cleared out the youngster in the suspect’s mind that morning at the point when she went to work.
‘The suspect what’s more, mother were in a sentimental relationship.
‘A maybe a couple hours later, the suspect detailed he found the youngster unresponsive.
‘An dissection uncovered the cause of passing as various limit compel injuries.
‘The Office of the Boss Restorative Analyst in Washington DC ruled this a homicide.’ 
The Washington Post quoted charging reports as saying: ‘The wounds that caused the demise of the casualty were managed in the time period the respondent recognized he had sole mind what’s more, guardianship [of the child], what’s more, were not reliable with inadvertent injuries.’ 
The daily paper detailed that Sesay’s account to specialists was that he didn’t see Jalloh for 20 – 25 minutes, at that point found the kid inert in a bedroom. 
Authorities said Thursday that Sesay is being held without bond.

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