Massachusetts police officers throw boy, 10, a surprise birthday party complete with a ride in a cruiser after his gifts get stolen at a mini golf

A Massachusetts police division tossed a amaze birthday party for a 10-year-old kid after most of his blessings went missing.
William Behl, of Randolph, to begin with celebrated his tenth birthday at a small scale golf in Norwood.
Someone stole the dominant part of his blessings while he was out playing on the small scale putting green.

Sergeant Richard Hughes of the Randolph Police Division heard about the burglary what’s more, chosen to supplant the stolen endowments – at last facilitating a bonafide birthday bash for the little boy.
Hughes welcomed William what’s more, his mother Cherie to the Randolph Police Station Thursday evening, the police division clarified on Facebook.
There, William visited the police office what’s more, Hughes gave him a ride in a police cruiser.
The little kid sat in the squad room while Hughes brought him a amaze birthday cake with candles.
Then, Hughes came back holding presents for the little kid what’s more, given him a baseball bat, a football what’s more, a huge box containing a Lego police station.
William, wearing a baseball top, was all grins as he opened the blessings while his mother stood close by what’s more, took photos.
He too got to attempt on the sergeant’s cap along with a police security jacket.
The police division what’s more, the Randolph Police Affiliation said on Facebook they were ‘honored’ to have played a part in William’s birthday celebration. 


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