Infamous half-headed Florida man is charged with attempted murder after setting his mattress on fire

A Miami man who lost portion of his head in a fender bender has been captured for endeavored kill in the wake of setting his sleeping pad ablaze.

Carlos Rodriguez – “Halfy” to his companions – was captured on Monday after professedly setting his sleeping pad ablaze outside his home at 266 NW 61 Pkwy.

The 31-year-old was accused of endeavored kill in view of the improvised blaze’s closeness to his neighbors’ home, NBC Miami revealed.

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As indicated by his capture report, the burst represented ‘a prompt risk to the lives and wellbeing of the inhabitants’ of the close-by duplex.

It’s not yet clear why he set the sleeping cushion land.

Rodriguez was likewise accused of first-degree illegal conflagration alongside the lawful offense endeavored kill allegations.

He had showed up in court Tuesday yet the judge requested the trial reset for Wednesday, worried that Rodriguez had ‘mental issues.’

Rodriguez shot to notoriety in 2010, when he was captured for requesting a whore, and his mugshots – like those seen above – flowed on the web.

After two years he showed up in a YouTube video clarifying how he lost a critical bit of his skull and cerebrum.

‘I was banished out on drugs,’ he stated, ‘and I was driving and I hit a shaft and flew out the front window and arrived on my head.’

Demonstrating his make a beeline for camera he included: ‘And this is the means by which the old kid has turned out. That is the reason it’s awful drinking and driving or medication sedate drugness (sic) and driving. No great, kids.’

He at that point lifted up the joint that he had been smoking all through the video.

As per the German newspaper Bild he had the mischance matured 14.

Rodriguez is presently being hung on $20,000 safeguard.

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