Man ‘broke into estranged girlfriend’s home and shot her dead as she hid in the closet’ before texting confession to her ex-husband

A Montana man gunned down his offended sweetheart what’s more, at that point sent a content message about the slaughtering to her ex-husband what’s more, others, specialists said on Wednesday.
Anthony Tobias Fagiano, 35, was charged with think murder hours after he turned himself in, telling officers he broke into 37-year-old Darcy Buhmann’s house what’s more, shot her, police in Bozeman said.
Buhmann’s ex-husband, Christopher Wood, called 911 at about 5.23am on Wednesday to report that he gotten a content from Fagiano that said he had shot Buhmann.
‘I just murdered that w***e it’s best for you, she’ll never be faithful,’ the content said, concurring to the Bozeman Every day Chronicle.
Police found broken glass close the back window of Buhmann’s home what’s more, Buhmann’s body in her room closet. She was shot in the head what’s more, stomach.
Public protector Mary Kramer did not promptly return a message looking for comment.
Fagiano told agents that he took Buhmann’s auto after the shooting what’s more, went to the woods, where he sent writings to a few family individuals about the shooting.
A relative asked him to report what he had done to law enforcement, so he drove to the court what’s more, police office in Bozeman, charging reports said.
When an officer inquired on the off chance that his sweetheart required restorative attention, he replied, ‘No man, she’s dead. I popped her in the head’, court records said.
Fagiano told officers he had been in a relationship with Buhmann for about a year.
He said that he gotten two extraordinary controlling orders what’s more, had been considering about murdering her for a few months.
He said he as of late stole a rifle, planning to utilize it to slaughter her, what’s more, he told officers the weapon was in a vehicle in the stopping lot.
Fagiano told authorities that he went to Buhmann’s house about about 4.30am, broke a window to get in, what’s more, found Buhmann stowing away in a storeroom upstairs.
He shot her once in the stomach what’s more, at that point the head some time recently heading into the hoods to advise family members, he said.
Fagiano showed up in court by means of video, what’s more, his safeguard was set at $1million. He did not enter a plea.
His criminal history incorporates feelings of household battery in 1998, a DUI what’s more, untidy direct in 2011 what’s more, offense ambush in July 2014.
Buhmann issued a controlling arrange against him on February 21, where she records Fagiano as an ex-boyfriend.
‘This case is an illustration of why residential viciousness matters require to be taken so seriously,’ Gallatin Province Lawyer Marty Lambert said, agreeing to the Day by day Chronicle.
‘It took less than one month what’s more, we have a crime case,’ Lambert added, alluding to the limiting arrange documented last month. ‘He has brutal tendencies. He’s an extraordinary hazard to the individuals of this community.’

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