Hare-raising! North Dakota neighborhood besieged by dog-sized JACKRABBITS

A North Dakota neighborhood is under attack by jackrabbits the measure of little dogs.
Residents of the group in South Fargo conscious each day to crowds of up to 50 of the dead-eyed critters swarming region gardens what’s more, play areas like something out of a Hitchcock film. 
While the jackrabbits, which can weigh as much as 9 pounds, eat up gardens, gardens what’s more, indeed a few trees, inhabitants are at a misfortune about how to control them.
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‘Every day, I feel like the insane rabbit woman pursuing them out of the yard where they’re having a roughage day,’ region inhabitant Kayla Straabe told. 
‘There’s at minimum 40 to 50 everyday, what’s more, they’re in our yards what’s more, by a children’s park.’ 
Straabe posted a photograph to Facebook in early December, around the time the jackrabbits to begin with appeared, that appeared innumerable paw prints in the snow outside her home nearby the tragic leftovers of a few blossom bushes.
‘Can anybody tell that there have been a million rabbits eating all of our perennials this past week?’ she wrote.
Since they appeared up, the rabbits have developed in numbers. What’s more, with their capacity to have four litters per year of as numerous as nine offspring, their numbers will without a doubt develop in the event that nothing is done. 

Straabe said she reached nearby creature control department, who said there was nothing they could do. 
The hares, they said, are wild creatures what’s more, not under their jurisdiction.
However, the authorities evidently weren’t above doling out tips on how to control the hares.
‘I was told we ought to harm them, which I will completely not do,’ Straabe told ABC. 
In expansion to the concern over laying harm close a playground, the jackrabbits are close to a pooch park.
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