Qantas pilot struggling with marriage break-uphired a light plane and crashed into the ocean at 200km/h after sending a final text message to his daughters

A Qantas pilot who is accepted to have taken his possess life by intentionally slamming his light plane into the sea had been flying traveler planes some time recently his death.
Paul Whyte leased a light air ship from a organization at Lismore in northern NSW on Monday evening some time recently afterward slamming it six nautical miles seaward from Byron Bay.
Mr Whyte, who was managing with a broken marriage, talked to his little girls earlier to boarding the plane what’s more, sent a last content message to his family some time recently slamming at ‘high speed’ into the water, the Gold Drift Release reports.
His leased Cessna 172 air ship cleared out Lismore at about 4.20pm what’s more, radar data appears all contact with the design was lost 11 kilometres north-east of Byron Sound just 30 minutes later. 

Police what’s more, safeguard groups propelled a seek for the missing pilot what’s more, his plane after he fizzled to return to Lismore afterward that night.
The look was scaled back what’s more, police affirmed Mr Whyte’s vanishing was ‘not suspicious’ on Wednesday afternoon. 
Qantas has affirmed Mr Whyte worked for them as a to start with officer.
‘It is with awesome bitterness that I affirm that an off-duty Qantas pilot was flying a light air ship which went missing off the northern drift of New South Ridges on Monday evening,’ Qantas Boss Pilot, Chief Richard Tobiano told Day by day Mail Australia.
‘As you can envision this is a extremely annoying time for his family, companions what’s more, colleagues, what’s more, we’re giving them with as much bolster as we can. I inquire you to regard their protection at this time.’  

Northern Streams Air Club president Charge Kiernan, who leased the plane to Mr Whyte, told Day by day Mail Australia he knew him and didn’t inquire questions at the point when he leased the plane on Monday.
‘We possess what’s more, have get to to very a maybe a couple aeroplanes. As long as the pilots are qualified what’s more, meet CAA requirements, that’s our business. Mr Whyte cert met the criteria,’ he said. 
‘Mr Whyte rang me what’s more, said can I have a plane, I rang my partner what’s more, said Paul was great to go.’
Investigators are presently getting ready a report for the coroner following his death. 

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