U.S. Army veteran suffering from PTSD jumps in front of oncoming traffic on Texas highway as his family and police officers watch helplessly

A U.S. Armed force veteran accepted to be battling with post-traumatic push scatter from his time at war tossed himself in front of approaching movement on Friday night in Texas, a frightening episode seen by his family what’s more, law authorization officers.
Cederick Slope of Killeen, Texas, was voyaging with family individuals along Parkway 149 at around 10pm at the point when he started debilitating to submit suicide.
The 34-year-old pulled onto the roadside what’s more, cleared out the vehicle as his family dialed 911. 
Two police units from adjacent Lakeport, Texas, arrived on the scene to find Slope strolling along the bear of the road, KLTV reported. 
He guaranteed the officers that he was fine what’s more, essentially needed to walk for a bit. 
But minutes later, as the officers started strolling to his family’s car, Slope all of a sudden lurched onto the parkway what’s more, was slaughtered immediately after an approaching auto hit him what’s more, he tumbled into the windshield. 
‘Hill was calm, he was guaranteeing (the officers) that he was fine, he didn’t expect to hurt himself or, then again anybody else,’ said Lieutenant Kirk Haddix of the Gregg Province Sheriff’s Office. ‘Seconds later, he was dead.’
The driver of the vehicle that hit him, who was unharmed, kept driving for another mile some time recently coming to a end
‘The man that hit him didn’t see him walk out in front of traffic,’ Haddix said. ‘He was essentially in a state of shock.’ 
Hill’s family said he was enduring from PTSD. 

‘We will be talking with the family to get a few more data about his past mental state,’ Haddix said. ‘There’s nothing officers could have done to stop it..’
The Gregg Province Sheriff’s Office proclaimed the episode a suicide. There will be no examination or, then again autopsy. 

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