Let teachers mark their own work, say Labour: Ofsted should just ‘oversee’ school inspections system

A Work government would update school investigations in support of a ‘light-touch’ framework permitting educators to survey each other, the party’s training representative has said.
Tristram Chase said a new peer survey framework would free up instructors from an ‘avalanche of bureaucracy’ what’s more, increment certainty in the control process.
The proposals, which would result in Ofsted taking a less hands-on approach, could be a reality by 2020 in the event that Work was elected, he said.
Mr Chase recognized that the controller had been a vehicle for progress, yet said it was starting to ‘choke something far more precious’, what’s more, undermine the ‘joy’ of schooling.
Speaking at the yearly gathering of the Affiliation of Educators what’s more, Speakers in Liverpool, he said: ‘We can start the process of “mass devolution” where vital powers over proficient standards, quality assurance, educational modules improvement what’s more, peer survey are given over to profession-led bodies – what’s more, we will.
‘Ofsted needs to move towards a supportive, light-touch, profession-led, midway moderated, peer audit framework of inspection.
‘I need this meeting to hold me to account for moving towards it over the course of the next Parliament.’
The recommendations would see instructors what’s more, head instructors making a difference to evaluate the execution of other schools.
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Ofsted would manage this process, in spite of the fact that the subtle elements of how the framework would work have not been finalised.  
Mr Chase said: ‘Let no one tell you this is a delicate touch. Let no one tell you this is a danger to standards. Or maybe this is the encapsulation of trust, joint effort what’s more, a 21st-century approach to thoroughness what’s more, under-performance.’
He added: ‘I need to see an inspectorate that moves past box-ticking what’s more, data-dependence.
‘I need to see an inspectorate that permits heads with a solid track record the space to improve what’s more, create a wealthier standard of school achievement.’
Priya Dutta, representative for the Battle for Genuine Education, said: ‘The framework needs an overhaul, what’s more, in general we would welcome recommendations for this.
‘But the issue with peer audit is that it’s so open to abuse.
‘We would be distrustful about how unprejudiced this peer audit would be, so these things would require to be arranged extremely carefully.
‘I’m marginally attentive of Ofsted taking a step back since I think there needs to be an free instructing audit body. I ponder how powerful peer survey would be in practice.’

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