Fisherman’s lightning reactions saves toddler from death after its pram hurtles downhill towards 50ft drop off cliff

A brave fisherman’s lightning responses spared a little child from certain demise as the child’s pram plunged towards the edge of a cliff.
Mehmet Soysal was on the telephone in a slope in Bodrum, in the southwest of Turkey, at the point when he spotted the pram flying towards the 50ft drop.
Captured on CCTV footage, he is seen dropping his telephone what’s more, hurrying to get hold of the pram.
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The two-year-old boy, called Ali Ceyhan, is impelled out of the seat what’s more, onto the landing area just meters from the cliff’s edge.
Mr Soysal at that point runs over to pick up the little child as staggered passers-by watch. 
Ali’s mother Cansu Sahin, 29, said: ‘I had turned round to appear my spouse something what’s more, had taken my hands off the pram for just a second.
‘I can’t start to thank enough the man who spared my little boy.
‘He is an outright hero.’
Shop proprietor Mumtaz Nas, 30, said: ‘It all happened so fast. I was visiting with my companion as the man strolled towards us.
‘Suddenly he turned round what’s more, the next thing I knew a pram showed up out of nowhere.
‘We ran over what’s more, fortunately the kid was OK, yet we called an emergency vehicle anyway.’
A clinic representative said: ‘He is a extremely fortunate boy.
‘He didn’t maintain any genuine wounds what’s more, much appreciated to the angler he is still alive.
‘If he hadn’t gotten the pram at that point without question the kid would have gone over the edge.’ 


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