Building collapses after woman being chased by police crashes into the side in a stolen SUV

A building collapsed today after a lady who was being pursued by police slammed a stolen SUV into the side.
The female driver of the vehicle was extricated by emergency crews following the crash at 10:30 a.m. in downtown Kansas City.
She was taken to hospital, be that as it may her wounds were not considered life-threatening.  
The white SUV was detailed stolen on Thursday what’s more, was spotted running stoplights what’s more, stop signs at speeds up to 80 mph, police said. 
The woman, who has not been identified, lost control, hit a fire hydrant what’s more, furrowed into the building.
The corner of the building crumpled on top of the woman’s vehicle what’s more, a vintage auto which was put away inside the building came slamming down nearby.
‘She didn’t stop driving like crazy,’ Kansas City Police Capt. Chris Sicoli told Kansas City Star.
Kansas City Fire Regiment James Garrett said she had to be expelled from the vehicle what’s more, that she is fortunate she did not endure any life-threatening injuries.
‘If you can see all the blocks what’s more, the building on top of the car, as well as the other vehicle, the party as a matter of fact had to be extricated,’ he told FOX4KC.  
‘They’re extremely stressed the whole building has been debilitated by the collapse,’ Garrett said.
The building could be devastated once the structure has been examined.


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