Jeremy Corbyn ally Owen Jones says taxi driver nearly knocked him off his bike while on the phone and screamed ‘I f***ing love it when you cyclists die’

A cabbie almost thumped Jeremy Corbyn partner Owen Jones off his bicycle – and afterward let him know ‘I f***ing cherish it when you cyclists bite the dust’.

The left-wing essayist and extremist claims the cabbie was on his telephone when the close miss happened.

Jones said the cab driver – who he said was not outside – then instructed him to ‘run and play with some f***ing movement lights’.

Jones, 32 – who composes a section for The Watchman and the New Statesman and sponsored Jeremy Corbyn’s offered to end up Work Gathering pioneer a year ago – described the experience on Twitter, close by a photo of the charged wrongdoer.

He composed: ‘This cab driver about thumped me off my bicycle while on his telephone and shouted “I f***ing adore it when you cyclists bite the dust.”‘

In a moment in the blink of an eye a while later, Jones composed the driver had let him know: ‘”Run and play with some f***ing movement lights though I couldn’t care less.”‘

Jones said he reacted: ‘Mate I will out this on twitter.’

The cab driver, he asserts, reacted: ‘Great, I’ll grin for the camera.’

The tweets were posted not long after 8.30pm tonight, and various Twitter clients encouraged him to contact police.

However the essayist was additionally blamed for empowering provocation, with one individual tweeting: ‘You are affecting badgering by means of online networking.’

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