Henny the confused chicken purrs like a CAT as she’s stroked (but ends the petting session with an unmistakable bird poop)

A chicken is unsettling quills with her penchant to murmur like a cat.
Henny the safeguard hen, who currently resides at Manning Stream Cultivate Creature Haven in New South Wales, Australia, is seen in a new video splitting out her peculiar feline impersonation. 
As she is affectionately stroked on the head what’s more, neck she lets out a string of low rattles instead of clucks.

Each time she is talked to, Henny reacts with a purr.
‘We’re having our together time. You like your neck rubs. What’s more, your head rubs,’ a laborer called Fiona says as Henny placidly sits on her lap.
As the petting session continues, Henny can be seen falling to rest with her eyes shut what’s more, head tipping forward. 
At one point she does continue ‘chick-lish’ what’s more, lets out a tiny cluck. 

However, things come to a sudden end at the point when she does an surprising poop.
Apparently the winged creature has been resting up as of late due to a sore leg. 

Along with chickens, there are goats, pigs, ducks what’s more, cows at Keeping an eye on Waterway Cultivate Creature Sanctuary, which was built up in April 2014 in a offer to safeguard ex-farm livestock.

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