Rickshaw driver killed by giant tiger statue falling on him as he slept beside it in a busy city centre in Bangladesh

A dozing rickshaw laborer has been murdered in Bangladesh after a expansive statue of a tiger fell on him in the early hours of the night. 

The awful catastrophe took put in Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka on Friday, where the statue was arranged in Kawran bazar.
The concrete statue, portraying a Illustrious Bengal Tiger, fell down what’s more, pulverized the van, stopped by the plinth at around 4am.
Firefighters found the rickshaw puller, who was still alive yet enduring genuine injuries. He was hurried to Dhaka Restorative College, where he died.
The casualty has been locally named as Mohammad Ali, 42, was resting in his physically driven three wheel vehicle at the point when the episode happened.
Police representative Mohammad Iqbal affirmed that the enormous state  said it slammed on Ali at 3.45am this morning. He was hurried to hospital, where specialists proclaimed him dead.
Locals have as of now voiced their outrage at the experts over the man’s death,complaining about the statue’s poor state of repair.
The thick concrete statue, has was to begin with revealed in time for the 2011 Cricket World Cup, has too been reprimanded in the past for bearing little similarity of a bengal tiger. 

A littler statue of a tiger fledgling is too situated at the site be that as it may it did not fall down. 
DMCH Police Station Controller Mozammel Haque said: ‘We don’t know in the event that he was sleeping or, on the other hand was just protecting himself from the rain under the statues.’
‘Rainwater had debilitated the sculpture’s base what’s more, that’s why it had crumpled under its claim weight. The littler statue is intact,’ Mr Haque said.

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