You can’t fool the dashcam! Driver tries to claim HE is the one who’s been rammed – not knowing the smash has been captured on camera

A driver has been gotten lying about crushing into the back of a truck what’s more, attempting to fault the harm on the truck’s proprietor after the episode was caught on dashcam video. 
The footage, transferred by Dashcam Owner’s Australia, catches the minute a four wheel drive rams into a stationary utility truck in a auto park. 
The utility truck what’s more, four wheel drive can be seen gradually moving forward in a line at a auto park.  
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The video appears both vehicles stationary, until seconds afterward the four wheel drive rolls forward what’s more, rear-ends the truck.
Swearing in outrage, the driver of the truck gets out of his vehicle to examine the damage. 
The other driver moreover gets out what’s more, inquires ‘what happened?’ 
‘What do you mean “what happened?” You hit me, you know what happened,’ answers the driver of the truck. 
The driver of the four wheel drive disagrees, saying the truck turned around on to him what’s more, demands he is the victim.
‘You turned around into me!’ he says. 
But the man is ignorant there is a rear-facing dashcam recording the incident.
‘You’re under reconnaissance buddy, I’ve got cameras everywhere,’ the utility truck driver says.

The video has had over 38,000 sees on Youtube, numerous individuals clearing out remarks shocked over the incident.
‘If that was my car, I would have kept calm about the camera, let them make the articulation that I upheld up at that point let the police take the cam for review,’ read a comment.
‘Exactly why I cherish my dashcam,’ said another comment.

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