Watch 300,000 yellow Lamborghini supercar go up in FLAMES after engine catches fire during rush hour

A driver’s most exceedingly awful bad dream came true today after his £300,000 Lamborghini burst into flares amid London’s surge hour – what’s more, he could do nothing yet watch.
Startling film of the burst under a connect in Blackfriars appears blazes what’s more, mists of dark smoke overwhelming the yellow sports car. 
It’s said the fire begun in the motor of the vehicle, yet the driver overseen to escape unscathed after a bystander alarmed him to the conflagration. 

Six firefighters what’s more, one fire motor rapidly arrived on the scene to handle the blaze, bringing it under control inside ten minutes of the fire’s break out.
Traffic was brought to a halt close to the intersection with Blackfriars Road.
Dan Jenks, 27, who recorded the stunning episode told the Evening Standard, ‘This chap was sitting in movement what’s more, I heard the auto revving at that point somebody shouted, “Your auto is on fire”.
‘It begun off as a little fire on the side what’s more, at that point it heightened extremely rapidly getting close to the engine. At the start, it just looked like the deplete was blazing like a few super autos do.
‘The police got everyone as far back as possible.’ 
Another witness, Amanda Compton, said ‘The driver was revving up the auto at movement lights in a queue, there was a noisy blast what’s more, the motor gotten fire.
‘Amazingly bystanders were standing next to it watching. It could have gone up at any moment.
‘Traffic mayhem followed what’s more, crisis administrations were rapidly on the scene to close the street what’s more, put out the fire as dark smoke filled underneath the bridge.’

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