Jealous ex-boyfriend who snapped his former partner’s leg and spat on her as she begged him to call an ambulance is jailed for more than two years

A envious ex-boyfriend who snapped his previous partner’s leg what’s more, spat on her as she asked him to call an emergency vehicle has been imprisoned for more than two years.
Thug James Smith, 23, assaulted Ellese Cassidy, 20, with calls what’s more, indeed made dangers to her 73-year-old grandma in spite of them breaking up a year earlier.
He at that point flipped after finding she had gone out with a male companion what’s more, cleared out her 38 missed calls on June 13 of last year.
While driving a friend’s car, Smith cut Ellese – who was too driving – up, causing her to get out to attempt what’s more, quiet him down, a court heard.
But he propelled a horrendous attack what’s more, wrapped his appendage around his ex-girlfriend’s leg causing it to snap. 

Shockingly, Smith at that point kicked Ellese’s broken leg what’s more, picked her up ‘like a cloth doll’ some time recently tossing her in his car. 
He moreover spat on the startled 20-year-old as she shouted in desolation what’s more, told her to tell police she had fallen over.
Smith in the end let Ellese ring an emergency vehicle yet fled some time recently paramedics arrived – starting a two week manhunt.
Officers captured Smith after making a open claim what’s more, he argued blameworthy to causing egregious real hurt what’s more, breaking a limiting arrange last week.
Smith, of Stirchley, Birmingham, was imprisoned for two a long time what’s more, three months at the point when he was condemned at Birmingham Crown Court.
The court heard Ellese was hurried to Ruler Elizabeth Clinic in Birmingham after the assault where she experienced surgery for a broken right leg what’s more, crushed knee.
Her leg was put in a support what’s more, it took her four months to be capable to get out of bed what’s more, walk again.
Ellese said recently that she felt ‘physically sick’ at the point when Smith was imprisoned for just 27 months.
She added: ‘He has annihilated my life both physically what’s more, rationally what’s more, has moreover put my family through hell. My leg was in a prop what’s more, I was bed bound for four months.
‘I was utilizing a wheelchair. Presently I am in consistent torment with my right leg what’s more, battle to walk up the stairs. He is a creature what’s more, has annihilated my life.
‘I felt physically debilitated at the point when the judge given down a sentence of 27 months what’s more, I found he would serve just half of that.
‘He has been on remand for seven months so will be out afterward this year. He merits a much harsher sentence for what he did to me.
‘I am still scared of him be that as it may I am talking out as I am irate since I don’t think 27 months is enough for what he has put not as it were myself be that as it may moreover my family through.
‘I don’t think casualties of local viciousness continuously get the equity they deserve.
‘I need to talk out not just for me yet for all the ladies out there who are casualties of residential violence. Our voices require to be heard.’
Ellese met Smith through a companion at the point when she was 16 what’s more, he was 19 what’s more, said he was the ‘perfect gentleman’ at first.
But the hooligan progressed toward becoming more envious what’s more, controlling as the relationship moved toward becoming serious.
They in the long run split up in Eminent 2014 what’s more, Smith was imprisoned for normal strike what’s more, given a limiting arrange for assaulting Ellese in no time after.
Speaking about the terrible assault on June 13 last year, Ellese added: ‘He wrapped his leg around mine what’s more, at that point I heard a snap.
‘I dropped to the floor in agony. I knew it was broken. He begun crying yet this feeling at that point turned to rage.
‘I could see he was freezing yet at that point he begun kicking my broken leg.
‘I was shouting for him to stop. Yet at that point he picked me up like a cloth doll what’s more, tossed me in the back of his auto which he had acquired from a friend.
‘My leg was wound unpleasantly what’s more, the torment was excruciating.
‘He kept inquiring me why my eyes were rolling in the back of my head what’s more, I said it was since I was in so much pain. He indeed spat on me as I was shouting in agony.
‘I was asking for him to call an ambulance. He told me I had to say I had fallen over or, on the other hand he would hurt both myself what’s more, my family. I was terrified.
‘My leg was so gravely bowed what’s more, I was in such an cumbersome position that it took paramedics an hour what’s more, 45 minutes to get me out of the car.
‘All the time James was crying what’s more, the paramedic made a remark that he was crying more than me.
‘I knew he was feeling blame what’s more, the acknowledgment of what inconvenience he could be in. He was just considering about himself what’s more, what the outcomes would be.’

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