A five-year-old boy died today after a logging truck smashed into his home as he slept on a couch in the living room.

A five-year-old kid kicked the bucket today after a logging truck crushed into his home as he rested on a sofa in the living room.
He was murdered at the point when handfuls of tree-length logs tore through the house, moving so rapidly that they pushed it off its establishments what’s more, cleared out it tipping into the road.
The tractor-trailer came off Fundamental Road in Jackman, Maine, at about 2.30am as the driver lost control on a slight bend.
Horrific crash: The tractor-trailer came off the street what’s more, sent logs slamming into the house, slaughtering the little kid what’s more, moving the property off its foundations
Accident: Police said the truck struck phone posts which caused it to roll onto its side next to the house
It cleared out the road, crushed phone posts what’s more, toppled over, sending logs tumbling through the home, slaughtering the kid where he lay resting on the couch.
His family were moreover inside the house at the time, yet endured as it were minor wounds what’s more, were treated at  the scene.

The truck driver, who is Canadian, was taken to a nearby healing center what’s more, at that point exchanged to the Eastern Maine Restorative Focus in Bangor. Police said his wounds were not life-threatening.
The crash was so rough that it moved the property off its foundations, clearing out it sitting at an angle.

Horror: The house was crushed after the lorry what’s more, logs slammed against it
Residents in the zone lost control for a few hours, what’s more, Course 201 was shut for two hours as police worked to clear logs from the road.

The names of the driver what’s more, the kid have not however been released.
Police are remaking the mishap to find out what happened, what’s more, to see in the event that they require to prosecute.
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