Good Samaritan knocked out, stabbed and robbed by mystery attacker when she went to help ‘screaming woman’ in a park

A good Samaritan who was the casualty of a sickening assault after she went to explore shouts coming from a stop has depicted her ordeal.
Robyn Hannaway, 20, heard raised voices what’s more, dreaded a lady was being attacked on her way home at night.
Miss Hannaway put her claim security to one side as she ran over to the dark stop zone behind a carport in her main residence of Hamilton, Lanarkshire.
But while she was looking for the victim, she was thumped out, her handbag was taken what’s more, she had cut wounds to her confront what’s more, stomach.
She was taken to Hairmyres Healing center in East Kilbride what’s more, Police Scotland have propelled a chase for the apprehensive attacker.
In a Facebook post after the ordeal, Miss Hannaway cautioned others about her attacker’s ploy.
She said: ‘It makes me feel wiped out with stress knowing that whoever’s capable for assaulting me is still on the streets, the weekend’s coming up what’s more, I truly need individuals to be mindful what’s more, safe. I never need anybody to go through what me what’s more, my family have in past maybe a couple days.
‘I was strolling through Burnbank to the BP Carport around 11.30 on Sunday night by myself (stupid I know).
‘When I was strolling past the stop inverse the carport I heard a young lady screaming, so I halted to tune in for a minute in case it was just a smashed contention I overheard.
‘When I was beyond any doubt there were no other voices but for one girl’s, who sounded like she was in torment what’s more, distress, I ran into the stop to help.
‘Bearing in mind it was pitch dark what’s more, I couldn’t see anything/anyone, I could as it were hear that I was getting nearer to her.
‘As I got further into the stop the young lady went noiseless what’s more, inside a maybe a couple seconds I was totally thumped out by a man hitting me on the back of the head with something.
‘By the time I woke up my handbag was taken what’s more, while I was oblivious I was cut in the stomach what’s more, my confront was slashed.’
‘It’s dreamlike to write, ’cause I can’t accept somebody so close to home where I’ve lived what’s more, felt safe all my life, has it in them to walk away what’s more, take off me lying there knowing there was a high possibility they’d just murdered me.
‘I don’t get it how anybody can have so much disdain for somebody they don’t know.
‘They didn’t mind that they could have cleared out my mum what’s more, father without their most youthful daughter, cleared out my enormous sister without her as it were sister what’s more, cleared out my family broken what’s more, devastated.
‘Please be safe what’s more, don’t let this happen to anybody again.’

A Police Scotland representative said: ‘We can affirm that Police Scotland criminologists at Cambuslang CID are directing enquiries into a genuine attack what’s more, burglary in the Burnbank region of Hamilton.
‘The 20-year-old female casualty was taken to Hairmyres Clinic for treatment for her wounds what’s more, was released.
‘Anyone with data is inquired to contact Criminologist Constable Dan Pulfrey on 101.’

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