That’s a quacking idea! Watch as firefighter uses quack ringtone to lure out six ducklings trapped in storm drain

A ingenious firefighter has been taped protecting six ducklings caught in a storm deplete – utilizing a duck quacking ringtone to bait them out of their stowing away place. 
Cody Knecht, of St. Tammany Fire Locale in Louisiana, was sent out to save the infant mallards after occupants revealed seeing them fall down the drain.
In the minute-long video the firefighter is seen holding a post with his telephone appended to it into the conduit as the reasonable duck clamor brings them to inside his get a handle on what’s more, inevitable safety. 
During the video, the clamor made by the telephone is reacted to with twitters from the ducklings.  
As the to start with winged creature moves towards him the firefighter, too outfitted with a torch, plunged carelessly further into the deplete what’s more, develops with the froze infant duck measured in his hand.

The charming animal, who is too twittering away in a commotion surprisingly comparative to the ringtone, is at that point passed to another officer standing above the storm drain. 
It took Mr Knecht 90 minutes to get the to start with four ducklings amid the save mission in the southeast Louisiana group of Slidell.
But two individuals of the fomented posse required more time to quiet down what’s more, were not protected until an hour later.
All six ducklings were rejoined with their mother on Saturday at their home on a adjacent canal.
Bizarrely it was the station’s second duck safeguard in a week – as on April 19, firefighters safeguarded a duck that got stuck in a chimney.
Chad Duffaut, Boss of Fire Prevention, said: ‘Unable to catch the other two infant ducks, the group went back to the fire station to give the ducks a possibility to quiet dawn.
‘They returned about an hour afterward what’s more, protected the two remaining infant ducks.’ 


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