Unusual series of images showing a kingfisher apparently hanging sticklebacks out to dry has wildlife experts stumped

A kingfisher has left untamed life specialists confused after it hung a portion of the fish it made up for lost time to dry on a tree limb.

An irregular arrangement of pictures seem to demonstrate the brilliant winged animal getting three sticklebacks before settling two of them to spikes for a later nibble.

Sticklebacks are normal prey for the kingfisher which frequently slaughters them by striking them against its customary roost.

This diminishes the hardened spines of the sticklebacks, making them less demanding to swallow.

In any case, this specific winged creature at the Montrose Bowl nature hold, Scotland, seems to have gone above and beyond by utilizing the spines to stick three sticklebacks to its branch.

Anna Cheshier, an officer with the Scottish Untamed life Trust, stated: ‘The kingfisher visits the hold practically consistently and can be effortlessly observed from our stow away.

‘The picture taker who took the pictures didn’t understand what he had caught until the point that he took them into the guest focus the next day.

‘It’s difficult to discern whether the kingfisher has hung the fish on the branch unintentionally or intentionally, however this is truly uncommon conduct that nobody is by all accounts ready to clarify.

‘We’d like any individual who has seen anything like this before to connect.’

Kingfishers are unmistakable winged creatures because of their luminous blue and orange colouration.

They are found around lochs, lakes and waterways and depend on clean water to have the capacity to plunge for little fish and amphibian bugs.

There are around 5,000 rearing sets of kingfishers in the UK.

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