Plant worker ‘stabs coworker to death a day after he pulled a chair out from underneath him’

A laborer at a meat rendering plant purportedly wounded his associate to demise a day after he pulled a seat out from underneath him, police have revealed. 
Peter Atem has been denounced of cutting Danny Vazquez, 25, to demise at the MOPAC plant in Franconia Township close Philadelphia on Wednesday, some time recently cutting his claim neck.
Witnesses said that as the father-of-three lay dying, he expressed the words: ‘Tell my spouse I cherish her.’  
The 32-year-old was found stowing away in a shed along with a note which read: ‘You think you can wrecked my life in front of my family, companions what’s more, the all world what’s more, lived… See you in hell. Life for life.’ 
Atem was transported to clinic where his condition is unknown. 
He has been charged with kill after an asserted debate between them come to bubbling point.
Witnesses told the Allentown Morning Call that Atem was out to get Mr Vazquez after the seat prank.
The next day while the men were working, Atem assaulted what’s more, stifled Mr Vazquez, police said.
Vazquez overseen to escape his get a handle on yet afterward in the day witnesses heard a shout what’s more, found him crumpled on the floor. 
According to his Facebook page, Mr Vazquez graduated from Kensington High School what’s more, would post about football, most as of late about the Super Bowl, yet he never said anything about issues at work. 
He is accepted to have as of late purchased a house in Northern Philadelphia for his spouse what’s more, three children.  

A criminal dissension expressed Atem is from Sudan what’s more, has no history of violence.  

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