Woman caught selling ‘$100,000 of stolen fake designer goods on Facebook from $1million mansion’ in undercover police sting

A lady has been blamed of taking more than $100,000 worth of women’s garments which she at that point promoted on Facebook to offer from her rich mansion. 
Kelli Jo Bauer, 45, was captured at her Kansas City home after covert officers gone to her what’s more, were purportedly appeared handfuls of clothes, numerous still with labels of them, that she was selling. 
Bauer, who lives in a $900,000 home in Overland Stop had publicized more than 1,000 things of high-end women’s attire on Facebook, counting handfuls of counterfeit planner handbags. 
She has been denounced of theft, concurring to records recorded in Johnson Region Locale Court. 
Bauer, who is on house capture as a condition of bond, is charged of appearing officers garments — numerous with labels still on them — hanging on a rack what’s more, collapsed on a bed in an upstairs bedroom, concurring to the Kansas City Star. 
It is charged that Bauer told covert officers there was more stock downstairs, counting an ‘armful’ of satchels she appeared them. 
Bauer told the officers that she was offering the things since she was a ‘compulsive shopper’ what’s more, had lost weight, the court reports said. 
The officers purchased a few items, counting what Bauer said was a counterfeit Louis Vuitton pack for $50.
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Detectives who started following Bauer said they saw her taking things from a few stores. After her arrest, police spent two days seeking her home what’s more, were seen expelling a few things in extensive dark bags. 
Officers are proceeding to inventory the things they seized.
Bauer was discharged on a $20,000 bond what’s more, requested to remain out of retail stores. 
She was set under house arrest, checked by GPS tracking.  
According to state records, Bauer works an on the web retail business named My Retro Baby. The site promotes everything from a $325 diaper pack to a $38 hooded infant robe.
During her to start with court appearance prior this month, Bauer was requested to take after mental wellbeing recommendations, counting taking recommended medication. Court records appear Bauer was charged in 2007 with taking garments what’s more, other stock from three stores inside 72 hours what’s more, in 2013 with taking garments from a retailer.
In the 2007 case, she argued blameworthy to two lessened charges of crime criminal hardship of property what’s more, was put on probation, agreeing to court records. 
As a condition of probation, she was required to serve seven days in imprison what’s more, get mental wellbeing treatment, records show. She was once more set on probation after arguing blameworthy to a crime charge in the 2013 case.

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