Pilot makes ‘miracle’ emergency landing on a snowy New Jersey highway avoiding traffic below

A little air ship was constrained to make an crisis landing on a frigid roadway in New Pullover this evening due to a suspected mechanical failure.
Christopher Okechukwu, 51, a specialist what’s more, father-of-three from Paramus, was voyaging solo to Lincoln Stop Air terminal at the point when the episode occurred.
Despite frigid conditions, the pilot of 15 a long time overseen to make a safe landing on the landing area underneath what’s more, no wounds were reported. 
He chosen to go with the stream of movement what’s more, touched down on a clear extend of street behind a truck what’s more, car.
The Government Aeronautics Organization said Okechukwu’s Cessna C150 – fabricated in 1976 – landed on Course 23 in West Milford. 
He took the choice to dock it after he heard a ‘sputtering’ commotion in flight. 
No vehicles were hit by the plane what’s more, the air ship did not show up to manage any major damage. 
It landed around 1pm what’s more, was expelled from the roadway by means of a flatbed truck around 2:30pm.
All paths are presently reopened. 
One driver, Andrew May, told WABC-TV that the pilot floated to the parkway what’s more, it was a ‘miracle’ he didn’t crash into signs or, then again overhanging wires. 
He added: ‘The plane just came up, what’s more, it nearly felt like the plane hit us. That’s how close it was. Thank God it didn’t.’ 
Okechukwu’s spouse Susan told The Record that he is an emergency room doctor at Newton Commemoration Healing center in Sussex Region so is utilized to dealing with unpleasant situations,
She said he showed up to be ‘fine’ what’s more, a ‘bit shaken’ after talking with him on the telephone prior today.

The Government Flying Organization said it will explore the cause of the incident.  

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