Man sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering four after his car plowed into a crowd at South By Southwest festival leaving nearly 30 victims

A man has been condemned to life in jail after being found liable of capital kill by a Texas jury.
After a little more than three hours of deliberation, a Travis Province jury conveyed the blameworthy decision what’s more, Rashad Owens, 23, was condemned to life on Friday without the plausibility of parole.
Owens was on trial after being charged with slaughtering four individuals by furrowing his auto into a swarm at the South by Southwest (SXSW) celebration in Austin last year.
Prosecutors said Owens acted with plan what’s more, noxiousness at the point when he sent bodies flying in the air what’s more, voyage at high speed for a few city blocks, taking off about 30 casualties what’s more, a trail of blood in his wake.
‘There is no other reply than that the respondent knew what he was doing — what’s more, he didn’t care,’ prosecutor Amy Meredith told jurors. 
‘He didn’t mind who was in his way. He was not going to be stopped. He was not going to go to jail.’ 

His legal counselors said he never proposed to slaughter anybody what’s more, made a loathsome botch after he froze while being sought after by police.
Owens, who was driving while intoxicated, dodged a police check point on Walk 13, 2014, what’s more, drove at about 55 mph into swarms of people, a few lined up for nightclubs, until his auto crashed. 
He at that point fled the vehicle what’s more, attempted to escape some time recently being gotten by police, officers affirmed at the trial. 
Jamie West, 27, of Austin, what’s more, Steven Craenmehr, 35, of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, kicked the bucket at the scene. 
Sandy Thuy Le, 26, kicked the bucket about a week afterward from wounds endured in the mishap what’s more, 18-year-old DeAndre Tatum, of Fortification Worth, passed on in no time after that.
Prosecutor Marc Chavez said the minute Owens heard the crashes of his starting six victims, he ought to have halted or, on the other hand hindered down, yet instead he went on to hit about 20 more people.
‘You don’t floor it. How in the world do you go 99 percent throttle after that?’ Chavez said.
Owens did not affirm be that as it may prosecutors played police video from the scene where Owens is heard saying ‘I ought to have just stopped,’ what’s more, ‘Did I slaughter anybody? I guarantee I didn’t mean to murder anyone in the event that I did.’ 
His legal advisors did not question that he murdered what’s more, harmed individuals yet contended he was not blameworthy of capital murder, saying it was not his purpose to murder anybody what’s more, he had as well little time to respond to the individuals in front of him.
‘To be purpose on causing somebody’s death, you have to know that they are there,’ protection lawyer Rickey Jones said in a shutting statement.
The yearly music, film what’s more, intelligent gathering draws tens of thousands to Austin each year. 
Austin police close off activity to about a square mile of the downtown range for five days amid the festival, turning for the most part occupied streets into a extensive person on foot shopping center to offer assistance festival-goers reach handfuls of music settings more easily.   
DeAndre ‘Dre’ Tatum, 18, of Stronghold Worth, Jamie West, 27, what’s more, Sandy Le, 26, both of Austin, what’s more, Steven Craenmehr, 35, of the Netherlands, were all killed.
But the toll could have been much higher as the street, which had been totally pressed with revelers minutes earlier, had just been cleared by authorities to make a fire lane.
Defense legal advisors Russell Chase what’s more, Rick Jones depicted Owens as a youthful rapper from the little town of Killeen who had been new with Austin what’s more, had not implied to slaughter anybody as he fled police. 
They said he likely did not know the road had been shut off to movement at the point when he sped down it without headlights on.

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