‘Britain’s biggest ever puppy smuggler’ jailed for three years for illegally bringing more than 120 dogs into the UK

A man named ‘Britain’s greatest ever puppy smuggler’ has been imprisoned for almost three a long time for wrongfully bringing more than 120 canines into the UK from his local Lithuania.
Aidas Gostautas, 44, made more than £50,000 by offering the puppies for up to £1,000 each through Gumtree what’s more, Pets4Homes websites.
A court heard how the youthful canines were brought over from Gostautas’ local Lithuanian which is assigned a ‘high risk’ range for Rabies, putting other creatures at risk.
Many of the youthful dogs, which included French bulldogs what’s more, a Shih Tzu, had to be put down by their new proprietors after falling ill.
Gostautas was imprisoned for a add up to of 34 months by a judge at Peterborough Crown Court on Thursday.
The judge told him: ‘You directed a generous business to a generous benefit for a generous period of time.
‘And I can as it were gather from the sum of the benefits that you apportioned from the business back to Lithuania that this was part of an sorted out wrongdoing activity.
‘These are pitiless offenses – brutal to the dogs, coldblooded to the buys – what’s more, this sort of insulting causes huge distress. What’s more, it happened since of greed.
‘The gravity of these matters is not essentially emerging from the misleading what’s more, the benefit you were capable to make, yet bringing puppies into this nation in the way that you do puts the wellbeing of other creatures at risk.
‘There is, of course, a hazard that rabies could be presented into this country, so the risk is not essentially to the wellbeing of the puppies be that as it may the entirety population.’
Prosecutor Michael Coley told Peterborough Crown Court that one of the pooches which had been purchased was found to have a infection what’s more, another had to be quarantined.
And on another occasion, he claimed, one purchaser returned to the address to get their cash back after their puppy had move toward becoming sick what’s more, died, in spite of being told that it had been completely inoculated what’s more, had gotten a microchip.
Mr Coley said: ‘After a warmed discussion with the defendant, they gotten £1,000 in money yet the respondent requested the body of the pet, the pet passport, what’s more, said not to tell anybody else.’
‘He has a contact from Lithuania what’s more, he orchestrates for puppies to be brought here, I believe, by prepare through the Channel Tunnel.’
An examination by exchanging measures recognized what’s more, affirmed that more than 120 puppies sold were imported straightforwardly from Lithuania, which has been assigned by the Office for Environment, Nourishment & Country Undertakings as high hazard for the transmission of rabies.
The court heard how technician Gostautus, from Peterborough, Cambs., who has two little girls driven clients to accept that they were reared in the UK from a family pet.
He utilized more than 20 extraordinary pay-as-you-go versatile phone numbers what’s more, email accounts were utilized to offer the dogs, numerous of which were put into quarantine, as there were disparities between their passports, rabies inoculations what’s more, dogs’ ages.
Many new proprietors were cleared out with bills of up to £1,000, the court was told.
Unyime Davies, shielding Gostautus, said: ‘Perhaps the most prominent alleviation Mr Gostautas has is he argued liable to these offences.
‘It’s right that this offense was fiscally motivated. Mr Gostautas what’s more, his spouse were working in low paid jobs.’

‘Can I too express regret for Mr Gostautas. He has at long last learned his lesson.’
Gostautas argued blameworthy to 14 cases.
Judge Gareth Hawkesworth, condemned him to 27 months for deceiving criminal property, which related to £52,461 he had exchanged to bank accounts in Lithuania.
1. Be suspicious in the event that the vender can not appear you the puppy with its mother what’s more, litter mates. See the puppy where it was bred.
2. Get as much data about where the puppy has come from what’s more, be careful in the event that the vender is from outside the UK.
3. In the event that the puppy has been inoculated inquire to see all the documentation. This must obviously state the veterinary rehearse where this was conveyed out. Be suspicious on the off chance that the address of the veterinary rehearse is outside the UK.
4. In the event that the vender educates you that the puppy has been brought in from another nation it ought to have a pet visa what’s more, be a least of 15 weeks of age.
5. Never concur to have the puppy conveyed to your home address or, on the other hand to meet the vender to gather the puppy.
Advice from Exchanging Measures

In addition, he gotten another seven months in jail for charges of damaging the Creature Wellbeing Act, offenses under customer security for uncalled for exchanging regulations, one charge of working a pet shop without a licence, what’s more, a last charge of an course of action to open a bank account which gotten £4,000 of continues accomplished through offering the puppies.
Peterborough City Committee affirmed it is the greatest case of unlawful puppy exchanging that the UK has seen.
Peter Gell, head of administrative administrations at the council, said: ‘We welcome the seriousness of this sentence as it recognises the cruel, industrious nature of offending, especially as the court found Gostautas had led a considerable business, at a significant profit, for a considerable period of time.
He added: ‘Unfortunately this isn’t an segregated case what’s more, there are different repulsive hones that right now exist inside the industry.
‘Anyone considering of purchasing a puppy ought to take steps to guarantee that they are purchasing from a lawful what’s more, dependable seller.’
Councillor Nigel North, the council’s bureau part for communities, said: ‘The exchanging measures group has done a incredible work in bringing this criminal to justice.
‘The group is there to secure pure individuals from precisely this kind of fraud. This criminal’s clients lost much more than their cash – in a few cases they lost a longed-for pet as well.’
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