Man found dead after falling from building in New York City’s Upper West Side

A man was found dead outside a townhouse after falling from a building in New York City’s Upper West Side early on Sunday, police said.
The spouse of the unidentified 45-year-old man said her spouse had told her he was going to the rooftop to open a window since they were bolted out of their apartment, police told Every day Mail Online.
He was afterward found confront down at 1.20am by a 21-year-old man outside the townhouse found on W 88 Road close Columbus Avenue.
Officials said crisis responders arrived at the scene be that as it may were unfit to spare the man, concurring to the New York Day by day News. 

While a few news reports say the man bounced to his death, police told Every day Mail On the web they are still exploring the conditions encompassing the man’s death.
This is a creating story.

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