‘It took losing my legs to realise I had to give up drugs’: Champion snowboarder’s descent into heroin addiction forced him to have double amputation

A man who has combat with tranquilize fixation since he was a adolescent is trusting to put 24 a long time of substance mishandle behind him after having both his legs excised above the knee – what’s more, is looking at a spot in the 2018 Winter Paralympics.
Jason Sauer, 43, to begin with tested with maryjane at the point when he was a 15-year-old understudy in the Daylight Drift in Queensland.
Mr Sauer told Every day Mail Australia that he at first took pot what’s more, drank alcohol, be that as it may by the time he was 17, he was attempting other substances counting speed what’s more, cocaine.
‘Right through my 20s there was a parcel of speed. Mid to late 20s I begun utilizing heroin. It was just the way it played out,’ he said.
Family what’s more, companions knew he had a substance mishandle issue at the point when he was in his teens, yet it took his father’s passing at the point when he was 23 to figure it out that something was genuinely off-base with his life.
‘It was bit of a wake-up call. I got to see that I wasn’t getting to be the man that he had trusted I would be,’ Mr Sauer said.
‘I was into liquor what’s more, tranquilize mishandle in a huge way at the time.’
Mr Sauer said his guardians isolated at the point when he was in review two at the point when the family lived close Wagga Wagga, NSW, what’s more, the news came without warning.
‘I came home from school one day what’s more, my father had moved out.’
When his father passed away in 1995, Mr Sauer endeavored to clean up his act, yet endured a relapse.
By then, he was utilizing a mixed drink of drugs counting pot, acid, mushrooms speed what’s more, ecstasy.
‘At 23, I keep in mind giving up on myself,’ Mr Sauer said.
‘Though intravenous speed manhandle I could feel my mental state giving up. Whatever I needed to try to didn’t matter, I could be a tranquilize ski bum.’
Mr Sauer said he knew he had hit shake base at the point when he rorted a specialist for Oxychodone.
He said he had as it were proposed to utilize it once, yet found himself turning to it once more the next day.
‘I could see that I was hopeless,’ he admitted.
According to the Daylight Drift Daily, he was clean from 2003 to 2008, yet he turned back to drugs at the point when he moved to Canada to be with a lady he had met.
‘I wasn’t adapting well with the alteration in Canada,’ Mr Sauer told Every day Mail Australia.
‘I went from a lone wolf way of life in Australia to a live-in relationship with my sweetheart what’s more, two of her kids in an apartment. I had move toward becoming a little deceptive again. I was tricking on my girlfriend.’
The relationship survived – on what’s more, off – for the next two a long time until she broke up with him early in 2011.
Mr Sauer was utilizing drugs frequently amid this time, what’s more, backslid on heroin on Christmas Day 2010, the Daylight Drift Every day reported.
An overdose cleared out him incapable to move for 14 hours. 
Insufficient blood was streaming through his body, coming about in his legs what’s more, feet biting the dust what’s more, harming his system.
On the second day of the New Year in 2011, specialists told him they would have to cut off both his legs – at the knee.
Mr Sauer said he was in mistrust at the point when he heard the news.
‘I think my words to the specialist was, “Woah this is going to be adventure”. I was attempting to put on a overcome face. I was trusting I’d wake up what’s more, I was in a awful dream.’
‘It was totally f***ing devastating,’ he said of waking up after the surgery.
‘The to begin with year was atrocious. There was a part of crying. There was a part of attempting to fault others somehow. I had a part of self-pity what’s more, (was) irate what’s more, (had) wild waves of emotion.’
Mr Sauer credits his family what’s more, companions who ‘tolerated my bull****’ what’s more, cherished him ‘back to a few sum of great health’.
He said observing his winding into fixation has taken its toll on his mother.
‘My way of life has caused my mum a part of passionate anguish over the years. My life has been a strain on her mental health. In 2011, I came back from Canada without my legs what’s more, mum didn’t adapt extremely well. We didn’t see each other for six months.’
Mr Sauer said he has been drug-free since December 2011, what’s more, he’s preparing for the 2018 Winter Paralympics in South Korea.
‘I’m the best-ranked Australian sit-skier for mammoth slalom, yet I don’t meet the criteria for national selection,’ he said.
Mr Sauer said he was confident of being chosen for the Australian national group in any case what’s more, would proceed to work towards his objective of winning an Olympic medal.
At the age of 43, with 24 a long time of substance manhandle behind him, Mr Sauer conceded that tolerating his life was still challenging.
‘I know individuals who utilized heroin what’s more, most of them are still strolling around on their claim legs.’
Other days are easier, he said.
‘Some minutes I think I’m the most fortunate man on earth. The to start with year after my removal … I unquestionably wasn’t extremely (keen on) living. I persuaded myself I had to outlast my mother so she wouldn’t have to cover me. After that, in the event that I needed to check out, I could,’ Mr Sauer said.
‘Thankfully that considering has passed.’

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