Police seize rifle and shotguns in terrorism raids and charge man who wore ISIS flag on national TV over ‘plotting terror attack on government target and guerrilla warfare in the Blue Mountains’

A man who raged off the set of a TV program while wearing an Islamic State image is behind bars after he was charged with having reports posting potential targets for a psychological oppressor attack.
Sulayman Khalid, 20, from Officials Stop in Sydney’s west, was formally declined safeguard in Parramatta Nearby Court today after he what’s more, a 21-year-old Marsfield man were captured in counter-terrorism attacks overnight.
The Marsfield man, who can’t be named, was charged with breaking a Control Order. He declined safeguard after a officer regarded him an ‘unacceptable hazard to the community’.
It is too asserted he had plans to convey out guerrilla fighting in the Blue Mountains, the Sydney Morning Proclaim reports.
The captures taken after strikes around 1.30pm last Thursday where police seized a huge number of reports laying out conceivable Government what’s more, State government targets, a rifle what’s more, two shotguns.

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Deputy NSW Police Official Catherine Consume said the men were captured as part of an progressing examination into an obvious ring of 15 to 20 people.
She said 11 individuals have been charged so far under the counter-terrorism operation, known by the codename Appleby.  
The same examination directed the biggest attacks in the nation’s history on September 18, which included more than 800 NSW what’s more, Government Police.   

AFP Appointee Chief Michael Phelan told correspondents the men shared the ‘ideology’ of the Islamic State fear group.
‘It is a gathering of individuals here in Sydney who we’ve been effectively checking for a long time,’ he said. ‘Certainly their belief system is connected to [Islamic State].’ 
Adam Houda, Khalid’s lawyer, told Day by day Mail Australia his customer has been charged with a extremely genuine offence. 
‘But I need to remind you that the specialists have got it off-base in the past numerous times,’ Mr Houda said. 
‘I inquire that the court process be regarded what’s more, for this matter to be decided on the confirm what’s more, not by government officials what’s more, the media.’ 

Under the name Abu Bakr, Khalid showed up on the SBS program Insight prior this year for a gathering about the Government government’s cancelation of fear suspect’s passports. The part-time worker had his identification suspended last December. 
He raged off the set after confronting a flame broiling over his bolster for the Islamic State fear group.
In a partitioned hearing, prosecutors asserted today that the Marsfield man broken the conditions of his control arrange by utilizing a open phone what’s more, a versatile telephone which did not have a place to him in the space of an hour on Monday evening. 
His lawyer, Arjun Chhabra, told the court the versatile had a place to his mother what’s more, said his age ought to be taken into consideration. 

Today’s captures take after an remarkable pre-Christmas message from Prime Serve Tony Abbott, where he cautioned a fear monger assault remains ‘likely’. 
‘The instructions from the security organizations today shown there has been a elevated level of psychological oppressor jabber in the fallout of the Martin Put siege,’ he said. 

He said security organizations would be ‘highly visible’ as the country moves into the merry season.
On December 15, crazed shooter Man Haron Monis held 18 individuals prisoner for more than 16 hours at the Martin Put cafe. 
Barrister Katrina Dawson, neighborliness laborer Tori Johnson what’s more, Monis were slaughtered on Tuesday morning as the attack came to a wicked end. 

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