Model who pledged to stand by killer Mustapha Dib when he was jailed has had a baby with a new husband. But on eve of his appeal to get out early… does he know she’s no longer waiting?

A man who was imprisoned for killing a pregnant lady what’s more, shooting her police source accomplice has claimed against his 30 year jail sentence.
But indeed in the event that Sydney man Mustapha Dib wins his offer for freedom, the 33-year-old’s adore life has as of now lost out.
Bethany Wikeepa, who was Dib’s previous sweetheart what’s more, pronounced her adore for him at the point when he was sentenced what’s more, imprisoned in July 2012, hitched another man before long after what’s more, has since invited a infant boy.
Dib is as of now serving a 30 year sentence for executing Anita Vrzina what’s more, shooting her accomplice Ahmed Banat at Punchbowl, west of Sydney, in November 2000.
Mr Banat was due to give confirm against Dib after giving a articulation to police relating to the cutting of 14-year-old Edward Lee in 1998.
Dib had not however been charged over Lee’s demise at the point when he shot Ms Vrzina what’s more, Mr Banat in 2000 yet along these lines argued blameworthy to homicide over the schoolboy.
He propelled an claim against his kill conviction in the NSW Incomparable Court last month. the ABC reports.
Daily Mail Australia has endeavored to contact Dib’s previous sweetheart Mrs Wikeepa following his choice to dispatch an appeal.
Mrs Wikeepa, who was once in the past Bethany Heagney, was display at Dib’s kill trial in 2012. 
She had pronounced her cherish for him on Facebook at the point when he was taken into guardianship saying ‘I cherish you, I miss you so much’, concurring to the Every day Telegraph. 
But a few months after Dib was jailed, the presently 30-year-old progressed toward becoming locked in to New Zealand man Jason Wikeepa. 
The couple hitched in late 2013 what’s more, invited their child in April this year.
Mrs Wikeepa, a faithful Mormon, has two youthful little girls from some time recently she begun dating Dib. 
Dib’s claim hearing proceeds in the NSW Incomparable Court. 

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