Woman is hit and killed on the highway after going to help her daughter-in-law who had run out of gas

A mother was struck and killed on a Texas interstate on Saturday night after she escaped her own auto to help her girl in-law who had separated.

The mischance which occurred along the Southwest Interstate in Houston saw two other relatives harmed and in healing facility.

The disaster occurred after the little girl in-law came up short on gas. She had two children with her at the time –  her nine-year-old child and a 15-year-old little girl.

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In the wake of calling her relative for help around 8pm, she came back with the fuel and started to top off the auto.

Be that as it may, similarly as she was topping off the vehicle, another auto on the expressway cut a van, lost control and collided with the family’s car.

The relative, who was still outwardly of the auto top it off with fuel, was murdered in a split second.

Her little girl in-law alongside the 15-year-old young lady had non-life debilitating wounds.

The driver of the auto has been distinguished as Stephen Cook and accused of inebriated murder.

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