‘I want to taste her lips, cause they taste like you’: Country stations ban song Girl Crush claiming lyrics ‘promote the gay agenda’ (even though it’s about wanting back a man)

A nation tune with a subject as old as time has a few audience members up in arms – what’s more, a few radio stations presently declining to put it on the airwaves.
Little Enormous Town has a hit with their new tune Young lady Crush, offering an noteworthy 25,000 duplicates a week, a tune about a young lady who needs to get back her man.
That young lady despite the fact that is not perplexed to concede she is a little bit desirous of her previous man’s new woman however, what’s more, a few are presently guaranteeing the melody ‘promotes the gay agenda.’ 
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The issue it appears is with one of the verses sung by gathering part Karen Fairchild, in which she croons; ‘I need to taste her lips, definitely cause they taste like you / I need to suffocate myself in a bottle of her aroma / I need her long fair hair, I need her enchantment touch / Definitely cause possibly then, you’d need me just as much. . . I got a young lady crush.’
And for this, a basic story of jealousy, a few stations are saying they are getting just as much shock from audience members as at the point when The Dixie Chicks reprimanded President Shrubbery back in 2003.
‘Is it disappointing to you that here is your melody – that is one of the Top 10 venders for weeks what’s more, weeks what’s more, weeks – what’s more, individuals on the radio are still anxious to play it since they think it’s a lesbian song?’ radio have Bobby Bones inquired the gathering amid a later meet concurring to The Washington Post. 
‘Just the certainty that we’re still talking about that, number one, there’s so numerous issues with that entirety issue,’ replied Fairchild.
Bones, who has the most famous nation radio morning appear in the nation at that point said; ‘It shouldn’t indeed matter in the event that it’s a lesbian song, is the to begin with thing.’

This is not the case for audience members however, with one person in Texas composing in to say to a station after they played the song; ‘You are just advancing the gay plan on your station what’s more, I am evolving the channel what’s more, never tuning in to you ever again!!’ 
Alana Lynn, who has a morning appear in Boise, Idaho, says she got a comparative reaction from a few listeners.
Newcomer Kacey Musgraves managed with the same issue from nation radio at the point when her tune Take after Your Arrow, recorded by a few in the industry as one of the best tunes of 2013, was avoided as it included the lyrics; ‘Kiss parcels of young men / Or, then again kiss parts of young ladies / In the event that that’s something you’re into.’
Despite offering over 500,000 copies, the tune never graphed higher than 43 of the Board graph for nation music radio airplay.
This has never been a issue on the pop graphs meanwhile, with Katy Perry finding herself on the Board Hot 100 with her make a big appearance single I Kissed a Girl. 
Now, the gathering has as a matter of fact shot a spot that clarifies the song, with Fairchild saying; ‘It’s about a young lady saying, you know, “Why do you adore her what’s more, not me?”‘

The gathering did at minimum have their last melody go to the top spot on the nation graphs what’s more, get bounty of airplay – Day Drinking.  

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