‘It’s not easy being me – nobody wants to be my friend’: Heartbreaking video of transgender boy, 9, asking to be accepted after deciding he no longer wants to be a girl

A nine-year-old transgender kid has made an unfathomably overcome video to tell the world that he has chosen from presently on he no longer needs to live life as a girl.
The touching words from Milla Brown, who lives in Brisbane, Queensland, has struck a harmony among social media clients with more than 3.5 million sees of the remarkable video that his mother Renee Fabish posted on Facebook.
The rousing child, who has been analyzed with sexual orientation dysphoria, talks about the horrendous tormenting he encounters on a day by day premise at school what’s more, essentially inquires for individuals to acknowledge the certainty that he is presently a boy.
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Milla presents himself in the uncommon video what’s more, at that point clarifies that: ‘it’s not simple being me’ since he feels like he is in the off-base body.
‘I am having a truly hard time at school at the minute – kids bother me all of the time – they call me shim, gay young lady what’s more, weirdo,’ she said.
‘People just don’t get it me – no one needs to be my friend.’ 

‘I just need individuals to acknowledge me for who I am. I’m fortunate that I have an amazing family who bolster me 100 per cent,’ she says.
‘I have chosen I need to take the next step from today I need to live what’s more, be known as a kid I trust I have your support.’
His mother Renee moreover poured her heart out in the video by means of rolling content clarifying the exceptional travel she has been through since Milla was born.
Born on May 15 in 2005, Milla Taige Dark colored was a sound what’s more, upbeat infant young lady who was full of personality.
‘From as youthful as two Milla would allude to herself as girl-boy – a young lady that loved kid things from extremely early on,’ she says.
‘Milla demanded on wearing boys, undies pjs what’s more, dress ups – we didn’t have a issue with that.’
A huge fan of Batman, Spiderman, Bounce the Manufacturer what’s more, Ninja Turtles, Milla never played with dolls preferring trucks what’s more, trains. 
When he was about six-years-old, Milla declined to wear young ladies garments what’s more, continually inquired to have hair cut off until Renee at long last gave in.
‘Everyone told us it was just a stage they’d say “shes just a boyish girl – she’ll develop out of it” – issue is stages end most spitfires don’t need to be boys.’ 
The splits started to appear at the point when the once bubbly youngster progressed toward becoming progressively unhappy. 
‘One day Milla came to me in tears saying is there any solution I could purchase to turn her into a boy,’ Renee said.

‘She begun making remarks like “why was I conceived like this?”, “I need to be a kid – not just look like one, I need to be a genuine boy”.’
‘I could see Milla gradually getting to be pulled back what’s more, depressed. She was going to bed in tears each night.’
The tormented youthful youngster too couldn’t bear the thought of developing breasts.
‘She progressed toward becoming progressively upset at the thought of developing boobs she said “If I develop boobs I am going to cut them off”,’ Renee said. 
Once it moved toward becoming clear that the boyish girl stage was not going to end, Milla was analyzed with sexual orientation dysphoria after her guardians took him to be see an endcronologist what’s more, a youngster psychiatrist. 

‘Her sexual orientation allocated at birth does not adjust with how she feels inside – Milla was conceived female yet her mind recognizes as male,’ Renee says.
‘This is something that is in his hereditary cosmetics it hasn’t been caused or, then again empowered by our parenting.’
‘It is not something she was talked into what’s more, it is not something she can be talked out of – it is what it is.’ 

His guardians were prompted by specialists to let Milla progress as before long as possible.
‘We have no question in our minds that Milla is completely contributed in her situation to be perceived as a kid – the as it were thing that has changed for us is pronouns –  we bolster him wholeheartedly,’ she said.
Renee said a startling rate of the transgender group endure from mental wellbeing issues. 
‘All due to the need of acknowledgment what’s more, steady harassing they are subjected to everyday,’ she said. 
‘Around half self hurt or, on the other hand endeavor suicide – we are not willing to let our youngster move toward becoming part of those statistics.’
Renee says her child is presently to a great degree upbeat after making such a enormous step. 
‘All we can do is prepare our child with the abilities important to adapt with little disapproved people,’ she said.

‘Being transgender is not a decision – trust me it’s not a life you would pick for your child.
‘Our youngster merits the right to be cheerful like any other.’ 
The video fittingly closes with a message to those who may judge their child. 

‘Everybody is battling a fight you know nothing about. Keep in mind to be kind always’



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