Republican group’s video mocking Donald Trump backfires as candidate’s fans don’t get it’s a parody

A political gathering which attempted to stick Donald Trump with a new spoof video has seen the trick backfire, since a few Trump fans don’t get that their legend is the butt of the joke. 
The Open Honesty Alliance, an Arizona Republican group, as of late enrolled the offer assistance of entertainer Brian Nessin to make a counterfeit melody for Trump’s motto Make America Awesome Again. 
Nessin takes on the part of his well known character Dwain in the video, a mullet-sporting hick who adores Trump since ‘he says everything that comes into his head’. 
Throughout the more than four-minute long video, Dwain rehearses karate, noshes on cheddar puffs what’s more, lazes about on an outside love seat all while commending Trump’s approaches to manufacture a divider on the Mexican outskirt what’s more, stop Muslim immigration.
Dwain adores Trump for his ‘tongue like a sword’ what’s more, strength to call Law based front-runner Hillary Clinton ‘hideous’. 
‘I don’t need to live in a few new world order, at the point when you can’t make fun of a disabled reporter,’ one line in the tune goes, referencing the later embarrassment in which Trump derided a New York Times columnist with a inherent condition.
The tune closes with Dwain belting out a few of the ‘awesome stuff’ Trump has said some time recently what’s more, amid the course of his battle counting ‘Rosie [O’Donnel’s] got a enormous fat face, goodness oh! [John] McCain got caught so he’s no hero. My IQ’s the highest, you washouts what’s more, haters. Ivaka’s my little girl or, then again I would date her’.
Tyler Montague, the originator what’s more, president of the gathering that made the video, says that since it was posted on the web prior this month, a few Trump fans show up to have not gotten the message that it’s a parody.  

‘I’ve taken note that a few of the Trump fans cherished it,’ he clarifies of the video. ‘They’re like, “Yeah, this is everything Trump is about, this is dead on.” We’re like, “You’re joking us, right?”‘ Montague told the Phoenix New Times. 
That appears to be sponsored up by a few of the articulations commenters have made on the video’s YouTube page, with numerous composing encouraging cries of ‘Trump 2016!’.  
Montague says he was roused to make the video after one of Trump’s more later scandals, in which he proposed restricting all Muslims from moving to the nation what’s more, enlisting those who were as of now living in America. 
‘I don’t need to exaggerate it, yet [Trump’s] kind of a fascist,’ he said. ‘It’s the nearest thing to autocracy that America’s had, at minimum in our lifetime.’ 

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