Security guard, 36, raped a sleeping woman at a house party before texting her an ‘apology’ that read: ‘I know it’s wrong, but it feels so right’

A security watch assaulted a resting lady at a local gathering before messaging her an ‘expression of remorse’.

The casualty had woken to discover Senior member Prendergast bare and assaulting her after she had rejected him before in the night, a court listened.

The 36-year-old, who had drank 20 containers of Stella ale and “a few” Amaretto at the gathering, advised her: ‘I know it’s wrong, however it feels so right.’

He had ‘attempted it on’ with the lady prior in the night, yet she denied his advances and later went to rest, the court listened.

Prendergast, who filled in as a security monitor at a retail stop, was imprisoned for four-and-a-half years at Frame Crown Court, East Yorkshire.

He had been collectively discovered blameworthy of assault following a four-day trial.

There were wheezes and cries from the litigant and his family in the general population display, however the lady courageously come back to court to peruse a casualty affect explanation.

She stated: ‘I need to tell the court how this case influenced me.

‘Whenever amid the most recent 15 months I got a call from the police or the court to give me a report looking into the issue, it was exceptionally annoying and it would present to everything flooding back.

‘Throughout the previous 15 months, all I needed to do was to proceed onward with my life and put this all behind me, yet I proved unable.

‘I needed to carry on with my existence without explaining to individuals who weren’t in my dear companions or family what I was experiencing, however I proved unable.

‘It truly influenced my certainty and truly made me battle with my confidence.’

The casualty was so upset by the assault that she didn’t report it until the point that she went to a sexual wellbeing center almost seven days after the fact.

She was then addressed by police, who captured Prendergast.

Anthony Dunne, indicting, said the security monitor and his casualty were known to each other.

He stated: ‘The casualty will state she never agreed to sex with Prendergast. An instant message sent by the respondent two days after said that he acted wrongly towards her.

‘She instructed him to stop when he touched her and was sleeping when he started engaging in sexual relations with her. A man who is sleeping can’t agree to sex.

‘The content he at that point sent her two days after the fact, in our accommodation, is a statement of regret for what happened.’

When giving confirmation, she stated: ‘I went to rest and the following thing I recollect that he was over me. He disclosed to me he knew it wasn’t right however it felt so right.

‘I instructed him to get off and he did. I turned over, I didn’t comprehend what to do. I was in stun. I never gave him authorization to have intercourse with me.’

Condemning Prendergast, Judge Check Cover stated: ‘You assaulted her while she was dozing and she will probably recollect that for whatever remains of her life.

‘Should you have forced yourself to concede this offense at a prior stage, a lighter sentence may have been forced, yet the way things are, the most minimal sentence I can force is four-and-a-half years.’

Prendergast was likewise subject to a limiting request restricting him from reaching his casualty for the following ten years and will be set on the sex guilty parties’ enroll forever.

He already told the press how he almost drank himself to death on a Christmas night out, after an eight-hour bar creep.

Talking in December 2014, Prendergast said he endured intense liquor harming in the wake of bringing down pints and shots.

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