The Tube as you’ve never seen it before: Amazing picture of London underground workers is among the winners in science photo contest

A shocking picture of London Underground laborers is among the champs of the science photography rivalry run by the Designing what’s more, Physical Sciences Look into Board (EPSRC).
The photo, which appears two laborers wearing hard caps what’s more, was taken by Akos Revesz, a postgraduate analyst at London South Bank University, came second in the ‘People’ classification of the yearly contest.
Diana Craik of the College of Oxford caught the photo – an picture of a micro-fabricated chip in a quantum PC – which won the in general competition.
Other winning pictures incorporate minute mind cells, mating Costa Rican leaf frogs what’s more, a robot teacher.
The rivalry is open to all EPSRC-supported analysts what’s more, doctoral students, giving them the opportunity to share their examine through pictures.  

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