My bigamist husband is a complete and utter conman and should be in jail, says wife who caught him out on Facebook

A spouse whose offended spouse tied the tie with another lady while still hitched to her has told of her outrage after he strolled free from court.
Tina Pearce said polygamist Simon Keeton ought to be in imprison what’s more, depicted him as ‘a finish what’s more, articulate conman’.
She had logged on to Facebook on Valentine’s Day this year to find pictures of him wedding once more what’s more, told police his luxurious wedding to third spouse Catherine Noble, 54, was illegal.
Last week a judge at Chester Crown Court given Keeton, 47, who has 15 past feelings for deception, a four-month imprison term suspended for 12 months what’s more, a £500 fine after he conceded bigamy.
But Miss Pearce, 46, said on Sunday: ‘He ought to have gone to prison. It’s like he’s got away with it, be that as it may that’s just like him.
‘He’s the sort that falls in a pail of compost what’s more, comes up noticing of roses. Looking back I don’t think I ever knew who he was, he lied to me the entirety time I was with him.
‘When I saw the pictures of him getting hitched on Valentine’s Day I was shocked. I was so irate what’s more, upset. He’s a finish what’s more, express conman.’ 
Healthcare laborer Miss Pearce, who has two youngsters from a past relationship, met Keeton in January 2008 on dating website Bounty of Fish.
She conceded she was taken in by the previous proficient snooker player, what’s more, inside two months he had moved into her home in Gloucester what’s more, proposed.
‘He had a pleasant picture on his profile – individuals said he looked a bit like Shane from Westlife,’ she said.
‘He composed that he was a genuine, flawless person. He was truly attempting to underscore how he is in touch with his feelings.
‘He informed me what’s more, we begun texting what’s more, visiting a lot. I thought he sounded like a nice, honest to goodness chap.
‘We went out for espresso what’s more, hit it off. It was all a bit of a tornado from there.
‘He was adoring what’s more, funny. He had a truly great sense of humour. He was beguiling what’s more, had the blessing of the prattle – he was splendid at making anybody accept anything.’
But, Miss Pearce said, she ought to have figured it out he was utilizing her for cash at the point when she had to stump up the money to pay for her claim £900 jewel engagement ring.
She too forked out thousands for their wedding at Gloucester registry office, in front of 30 visitors in October 2008 – just a month after Keeton got a fast in and out separate from his to start with wife.
Her companions what’s more, family, counting her girl Jessica Hayes, 24, who last week won £25,000 after being delegated the champ of ITV’s reality TV program Adore Island, too cautioned her against Keeton.
‘He was a plasterer yet was continuously battling for work so had no money,’ Miss Pearce said.
‘The wedding cost a couple of thousand pounds what’s more, on top of that I paid for a special first night to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands.
‘I moreover paid for two occasions for us both, to Tenerife what’s more, Ibiza for my 40th birthday. I indeed purchased him a car, which cost £3,000, since he said he required it to get to what’s more, from work.
‘In the end, I think he must have cheated me out of £25,000. Yet he continuously kept promising to pay me back, he was truly sharp about it. He continuously talked his way out of things.
‘Everybody continuously thought he was up to something. Jess thought he was horrendous. Individuals utilized to say, “God, you’d better observe him”. I was naïve what’s more, stupid. I just kept considering things would improve.
‘He would tell me I was excellent what’s more, compose lyrics to me what’s more, all that, be that as it may all all through the marriage he was vanishing what’s more, lying to me.
‘He would say he was going to visit family or, on the other hand companions or, on the other hand that he had to do a work somewhere. It wasn’t bizarre for him to be away for three days at a time.
‘I presently ponder in the event that he had another lady or, on the other hand family elsewhere. After a while, I wised up to it what’s more, told him that I needed out.’
Miss Pearce kicked him out in January 2010 what’s more, didn’t hear from Keeton until October last year at the point when she gotten a solicitor’s letter inquiring her for a divorce.
She at first declined since she needed money related pay for the cash she spent while they were together.
By at that point Keeton was in a genuine relationship with Mrs Noble, herself a divorced person with two daughters.
The couple had as of now been to the enlist office in Mrs Noble’s home town of Warrington, Cheshire, to give take note that they proposed to marry.
The court heard that Keeton told the enlistment center of his to begin with marriage to Susan Howard, who he hitched matured 29 what’s more, was with for 10 years, yet fizzled to say anything about his marriage to Miss Pearce.
Eventually, in January, Miss Pearce concurred to a separate yet the papers had not indeed been submitted when, less than a month later, she saw pictures of Keeton wedding Mrs Honorable on Facebook.
‘It’s disturb me massively,’ Miss Pearce said. ‘It just totally demolished my trust in people.
‘I haven’t been capable to have a relationship since. I’ve been traumatised what’s more, I have been put off men for life.
‘Part of the reason I didn’t need him to get away with it is that I don’t need him to do to Catherine what he did to me.
‘But it looks like he has enchanted her since she has as of now pardoned him – he’ s the one still giggling what’s more, in a new relationship while I’m still suffering.’
The court heard Mrs Honorable told police she knew of Keeton’s relationship with Miss Pearce yet thought it was ‘null what’s more, void’ since they had not been together for five years.
The couple, who declined to talk to the Day by day Mail, are arranging a lawful function once Keeton’s separate comes through afterward in the year. 

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