Strip club who duped cardiologist out of $130,000 when ring of erotic dancers drugged him and stole his credit card is STILL demanding he pay his bill

A strip club still needs $130,000 from a cardiologist, indeed despite the fact that a ring of strippers have conceded to medicating him what’s more, taking his credit card to pay for lap moves what’s more, alcohol.
Dr Zyad Younan, 42, denounced Karina Pascucci, Samantha Barbash, Marsi Rosen, what’s more, Roselyn Keo, of slipping a substance into his drink some time recently racking up the tremendous obligations while he was oblivious at Scores in New York in July 2014.
The four artists argued blameworthy to drugging what’s more, cheating the specialist – yet the scene still needs him to pay his bill. 
He told American Express he had been hoodwinked of the cash after the night at the club – what’s more, they pulled the funds. 
Michael Weinstein, Younan’s attorney, told a Manhattan court on Wednesday that he needs to know in the event that the club or, on the other hand the entertainers got the cash at the end of the night.
He too pummeled the women’s plans to make a motion picture about their experiences 
‘It’s stunning that Scores would proceed to seek after the case in light of the blameworthy supplications by their employees,’ he said, agreeing to the New York Post.
‘Scores has chosen to adjust themselves with hooligans what’s more, felons.’
Alison Blaine, Scores’ lawyer, declined to comment.

Now the four strippers argued guilty, prosecutors have permitted a claim against the club to go ahead.
They have been inquired to clear up the relationship between the club what’s more, it’s artists – particularly how they get paid.
Attorneys are attempting to figure out who got the greatest share of the unapproved charges at the end of the night. 
Younan has counter-sued Scores what’s more, the artists for harming his individual what’s more, proficient notoriety what’s more, for repayment of his lawful bills.
Two individuals of the wrongdoing ring, Rosen what’s more, Pascucci, 27, have been condemned to ends of the week at Rikers Island in New York. 
Two more anticipate condemning — Keo what’s more, charged instigator Barbash.
Younan, who is single, clarified that he to start with progressed toward becoming included with the ladies at the point when he went out to supper with at a Manhattan eatery what’s more, was drawn closer by Pascucci, who guaranteed she was a nursing student.
They swapped numbers what’s more, she afterward inquired him out to dinner. 
They delighted in a few meals together, as well as a concert, what’s more, on a few occasions, she brought Rosen what’s more, Barbash with her, dishonestly asserting they were her relatives. \
During those nights out, the ladies slipped a medicate into his drink that ’caused him to enter a semi-conscious state, lose the capacity to act willfully what’s more, make knowing decisions, as well as lose his memory,’ the suit claims.
He said he was stunned at the point when he got an American Express charge for $135,303.14 in charges to a strip club – which he didn’t indeed keep in mind going to.
He detailed the charges as false what’s more, American Express turned around the charges – which cleared out Scores what’s more, the three ladies irritated, he said.
‘Karina frantically endeavored to induce Younan to pay the sums professedly due to Scores by guaranteeing the charges were not false what’s more, that Scores had tape of Younan at the club,’ the papers claim. 

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