Scotland WILL become independent, shock new poll claims as it shows 51% now back Yes campaign with just 11 days until vote

A stun survey uncovered less than two weeks some time recently the choice appears Scottish voters are inclining towards Alex Salmond’s Indeed battle for independence.
The contemplate uncovered 51 per penny will vote to breakaway from the Joined together Kingdom on September 18, toppling a 22-point lead for the Better Together Campaign.
It comes after Alistair Sweetheart fizzled to inspire voters amid the second of two warmed talks about with the SNP pioneer on Regal 25.
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The poll, conveyed out by YouGov for The Sunday Times, found 49 per penny of the Scottish electorate will securely vote No at the point when inquired regardless of whether the nation ought to clear out the union.
It is the to start with time the surveyors uncovered a Indeed battle lead, in spite of others recommending just that in past months. 
According to the data, 35 per penny of Scottish voters who beforehand bolstered Labour’s pro-union battle are abandoning it – more than twofold the 18 per penny revealed last month. 
The under-forties, working class what’s more, female voters are too revealed to have influenced towards independence. 
The two point hole falls inside an mistake edge for polls, with a few specialists considering such a little distinction as well close to call.
Last month the Indeed battle appreciated a surge in bolster following the second of two broadcast faces off regarding between the previous Chancellor what’s more, To start with Serve of Scotland. 
A snap survey taken after the Eminent 25 face off regarding uncovered 71 per penny of watchers considered the SNP pioneer the victor following a string of stinging put-downs over Darling’s concern for currency. 
Many remained turned-off by Salmond’s forceful nature however, with pioneer yelling over his opponent more than once amid the BBC broadcast.


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